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Based on initial estimates of 1998 performance, U S WEST will report about $380 million worth of work with minority and women-owned businesses, an increase of about 20%.

"U S WEST achieved these results by aggressively re-engineering our procurement approach, and making the Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) initiative an integral part of the decision-making process" said Bryan Cook, vice president, Procurement, U S WEST.

"Through the efforts of minority and women-owned firms and U S WEST's Procurement Organization we are finding the best of the best," Cook said. "These companies contribute directly to our success and help U S WEST achieve customer satisfaction, quality, speed and reduced costs."

"The increased participation of M/WBE firms is tied directly to U S WEST's core value of leveraging diversity and having a supplier base that reflects our customer base," said Sylvia Palms-Jones, director, Supplier Diversity, U S WEST. Palms-Jones administers the company's Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) initiative.

Some elements of M/WBE growth were typified by agreements with companies providing goods and services ranging from the bulk supply of natural gas to software licensing and payroll services.

Contracts were awarded through a competitive bid process based on the quality of a company's products or services, management expertise, ability to meet U S WEST's needs and economic considerations. Each contractor was found to be the most qualified candidate in his or her field.

"U S WEST was able to achieve these results by increasing the amount of business we do with the African American, Asian, Hispanic and Native American communities while maintaining the level of work we contract with women-owned firms," Palms-Jones said. "In short, we are achieving these results by growing the pie."

For information on contract opportunities, call the Supplier Diversity Organization toll-free hotline, 1-800-274-9194.

U S WEST (NYSE:USW) provides a full range of telecommunications services - including wireline, wireless PCS, data networking, directory and information services - to more than 25 million customers nationally and in 14 western and midwestern states. More information about U S WEST can be found on the Internet at

Recent U S WEST MWBE Contracts

* Snelling Personnel Services, an African-American-owned firm, received a $5 million one-year contract for leased labor payroll services, which will be performed throughout U S WEST's 14-state region. Daryl Gatewood is president and franchise owner of the Denver company.

* TRANSPLUS, LTD, a woman-owned, Denver-based specialty transportation and logistics company, was awarded a $1.6 million Interim Service Solutions (ISS) contract to store and dispatch backup wireless telephones to customers whenever U S WEST is unable to meet a committed date for phone installation or repair. The service is available to select customers in U S WEST markets served by U S WEST Advanced PCS. In those areas, TRANSPLUS trained couriers to deliver, install and test the phones in the customer's home or business. Once the customer's service is activated, TRANSPLUS retrieves, cleans and re-stocks the phone.

* SERVICECO, received a $500,000 contact to supply natural gas to 13 U S WEST Colorado locations. The Denver company was founded in 1992 by chemical engineer Erine Pitts, a businesswoman of African-American descent. Pitts holds a M.B.A. degree from the Harvard School of Business. Prior to this contract with U S WEST, SERVICECO, supplied bulk gasoline and diesel fuels to U S WEST on a subcontract basis.

* Burt Automotive Group, an Hispanic-American firm, received an order for approximately $17 million for 1,000 Ford fleet trucks. U S WEST has contracted with Burt since 1987 and currently maintains a 15,000-vehicle fleet.

* Martin Process Solutions, Inc. (MPSI) a woman-owned firm specializing in process-based engineering services was awarded a $12 million two-year contract. With offices in Denver and Houston, MPSI will audit and recommend engineering process improvements for the Information Technologies organization at U S WEST.

* U S WEST consolidated its employee stationery printing needs with one printer, John-Phillips Printing Co., an African-American businessmen-owned firm based in Denver. The company was awarded a $500,000 annual contract to print stationary and business cards for all U S WEST employees. For nearly 10 years, the firm provided Mountain States employees with similar printing services. The current contract makes John-Phillips the sole provider of U S WEST employee stationery and business cards, thereby offering U S WEST economy of scale savings in printing fees.

* En Pointe Technologies received a $6.4 million contract to license, install and support Microsoft applications for U S WEST. The Asian-Indian American businessman-owned firm is based in El Segundo, Calif. En Pointe also received a $250,000 contract to upgrade the memory of U S WEST's personal computers. The projects are part of an estimated $19.6 million contract En Pointe was awarded in 1998.

* Chavez Lube Service, a Hispanic-American businesswoman-owned, Phoenix-based firm was awarded a $187,000 contract, to service approximately 1,500 U S WEST vehicles in the metro Phoenix area. The firm will provide scheduled and preventative engine maintenance.

* TEOCO (The Employee Owned Company) Corporation received a $1.5 million software and multi-year service agreement with U S WEST Long Distance. The Fairfax, Virginia, Asian Indian-American firm is expected to save U S WEST nearly a $1million a year by identifying discrepancies in charges by other long-distance carriers whose networks are used to serve customers.

* The Finishing Touch, an African-American businesswoman-owned commercial janitorial firm, was awarded a $451,000 contract to provide janitorial services for four U S WEST buildings in the Denver area. Based in Longmont, Colo. The Finishing Touch is a subcontractor to U S WEST's prime janitorial services contractor, Unicco Service Co.

* Neel E. Levy Real Estate and Appraiser Consultant, owned by Neel E. Levy and formerly known as Certified Real Estate Appraisers, Inc., is located in Aurora, Colo. It provides real property appraisals for several properties in U S WEST's Real Estate Owned portfolio. The firm was founded in 1971 by African-American businessman Neel E. Levy, and began providing valuation services to U S WEST throughout its 14-state region in 1991. The value of new agreement is about $7,000.

* SofTec Solutions Incorporated, an Asian-Indian businessman-owned computer software integration firm with expertise in client-server and Oracle technology was awarded an initial $150,000 contract to provide senior-level managers and developers for various computer technology projects at U S WEST. SofTec is based in Denver.

* Amber Communications, an African American-owned company in Denver, was awarded a two-year $1 million contract to provide miscellaneous maintenance, repair, operating supplies and outside plant materials to U S WEST.

* Edge Interactive, a woman-owned, Denver-based, customized training design and implementation firm, received a $200,000 contract to develop a highly interactive, Website-based training course for U S WEST's Wholesale Market customers. These include service co-providers, access providers and other long-distance carriers who need immediate assistance with U S WEST service request policies and procedures and other required forms. The Website-based training is expected to streamline the service request process.

For more information, call (303)896-5528.
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