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 KANATA, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Newbridge Networks (NASDAQ-NMS: NNCXF) announced today that U S WEST has chosen the Newbridge(R) 36150 MainStreet(R) ATMnet(TM) switch for customer technical trials in the second phase of U S WEST's recently announced three-phase program to provide Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) services to its customers over the next two years.
 The first phase of the U S WEST program, consisting of network architecture development and the selection of Newbridge as the ATM switch vendor for upcoming trials, was completed in Sept. 1993. Phase two of the program consists of two customer application trials of ATM services expected to be completed during the second quarter 1994. Phase three will involve just-in-time deployment of ATM services to support leading customers and will be completed during the first quarter 1995. Full service deployment of U S WEST ATM services is expected in mid-1995.
 "Newbridge has established itself as the industry leader in ATM platforms with an attractive multi-service solution for economical network consolidation," said Jerry Parrick, U S WEST ACS vice president of customer solutions. "The Newbridge ATM architecture is extremely flexible in terms of switching capacity and number of interfaces supported, and fits very well into our distributed access node strategy."
 Newbridge Chairman Terry Matthews commented, "I am very pleased that the Newbridge ATM switch has been selected by U S WEST for this set of technical trials. The varied applications that will be used on the network indicate the high levels of sophistication and flexibility that were designed into the 36150 MainStreet product. I believe that these ATM networks will prove to be a valuable business tool for U S WEST customers."
 U S WEST has developed a high performance distributed cell-switching architecture that will significantly reduce the cost of implementing new network services and support multiple existing services in addition to ATM. This architecture is a SONET-based fiber infrastructure utilizing both mesh and self-healing ring topologies. U S WEST has selected the 36150 MainStreet ATMnet switch for use as the distributed ATM customer access node in the series of technical customer trials that will constitute Phase two of the program beginning in November.
 The two separate trials involve an 11-member consortium of organizations in Boulder, Colo. and a group of state universities and state government agencies in Oregon. Applications to be tested at the Boulder site include the scientific visualization of supercomputer- generated data from remote locations, access to remote large disk "farms" holding supercomputer model sets, digital video teleconferencing, high resolution image rendering and film recording, electronic newspaper information distribution and government and public data access. The Boulder trial is the first ATM venture involving such a diversity of users and applications.
 The Oregon trial involves the creation of a collaborative computing environment for member institutions, focusing on such applications as scientific and medical imaging, concurrent engineering and multimedia instruction. The ATM trial will also be used to test video and high resolution graphics capabilities.
 U S WEST Advanced Communications Services is a part of Denver-based U S WEST Communications. U S WEST Advanced Communications Services markets a family of high-speed data communications services, including Frame Relay Service, SMDS and Transparent LAN Service(TM), under the brand name !NTERPRISE Networking Services From U S WEST.
 Newbridge Networks is an international company which designs, manufactures, markets and services multimedia, standards-based networking products for global LAN and WAN applications, all manageable by a single, graphically rich network management system. Facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.
 Newbridge Networks Corporation is a public company whose common shares are quoted for trading on the NASDAQ National Market System (NNCXF) in the United States and listed for trading on The Toronto Stock Exchange (NNC) in Canada.
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 /CONTACT: Jim Marshall or Sandra Plumley of Newbridge Networks, 613-591-3600/

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