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Tyro pistol pick?

Q I am looking for a handgun that can be used for a number of purposes. First I really want to learn to shoot and I think the best way to do that would be to spend a lot of time on a range shooting at bullseye-type targets. I also want a handgun that would be suitable for a beginning hobbyist to work on. I have some experience with rifles and shotguns, but I have very little experience with handguns. This will be my first handgun. Any suggestions?

A I would strongly encourage you to consider the Ruger .22 Auto pistol, either new or used. I would opt for one of the older design steel frame versions, either the Standard Model or the Mark II or Mark III with a 6-inch barrel. These are excellent pistols and great values for the dollar. In addition, there are a lots of aftermarket accessories for these handguns so you'll be able to modify and gunsmith 'em in a variety of ways.

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Publication:Firearms News
Date:Jun 20, 2016
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