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Charles S. Furtney

The Local History Company

112 North Woodland Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15232

0971183538 $17.95 1-412-362-2294

Enhanced with maps of the area, sketches, and photos showing the original Tyrconnel and neighboring Covington Park Maryland farms, Tyrconnel: An Antebellum Adventure Along The C & O Canal by Charles Furtney is the thrilling story of Army Lieutenant Jeff Shirley set out in 1859 on a secret mission to investigate mysterious and violent activity along the C & O Canal at the Tyrconnel farm in the vicinity of Harpers Ferry, Maryland. There the young lieutenant encounters John Brown and his band of rebels in their destined appointment with history on the eve of the American civil war. A superbly written history fiction, author Charles Furtney pays meticulous attention to history detail making Tyrconnel a welcome and highly recommended addition to any school or community library collection.
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Title Annotation:The Fiction Shelf
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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