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Typical British humour helped us win the war.

I TOOK particular interest in the recent letters in the Birmingham Mail Talkback pages from Robert Betteridge and F H Jennings regarding the contribution made by Americans in the Second World War.

I do not need to add much comment about the undoubted sacrifice of those American armed forces, except to say that let us not forget that Britain and its Commonwealth stood alone for many years as the Bastion of freedom in Europe and we should all be equally proud of our own country and its Empire for carrying on the fight when the rest of Europe and large parts of the world had fallen under Nazi tyranny.

Let's also not forget also the incredible sacrifice of Soviet Russia fighting on Europe's Eastern Front.

The main reason I have written to Talkback, however, was that I was reminded of the story my old Dad told me many years ago.

He was in a reserved occupation but served in the Home Guard during the war. The common saying among the Brits when the Americans arrived in this country was that they were "over-paid, over-sexed and over here"!

He said they were always chasing the girls, many of whom had husbands and boyfriends serving overseas.

He smiled when he said the standing joke was that you would always know if your girlfriend had been with an American if you found a piece of chewing gum stuck behind her ear the next day!

It is nice to know that typical British humour was going strong even during those dark days! Les Barlow, Erdington

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