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Types of cancer and the measures you can take to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.


BREAST CANCER is the most common cancer in the UK. Each year more than 44,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, that's more than 100 women a day, according to Cancer Research UK.

Cut back on alcohol - drinking as little as one pint of beer or one glass of wine a day increases risk of breast cancer by more than 7 per cent.

Lose weight - obesity increases risk of post-menopausal breast cancer by up to 30 per cent.

Get moving - a more active lifestyle reduces breast cancer risk, as does breastfeeding.


CUT back on red meat - there is convincing evidence that eating red and processed meat and being overweight increases the risk of bowel cancer - the third most common cancer after breast and lung.

Cut back on alcohol - drinking alcohol may increase bowel cancer dangers too.

Get fit - regular physical activity reduces your risk.

Eat healthily - eat garlic, plenty of fruit and veg, and food containing fibre, and up your intake of fish and milk.


PROSTATE cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in UK men, after lung cancer.

Watch your fats - studies suggest that alpha-linolenic acid (found in animal fat, vegetable oils and nuts) is associated with a heightened risk. Linolenic acid, found in vegetable oils, protects against prostate cancer.

Cut back on red meat - research has found processed and red meats can increase your chances of getting the disease.

Up your tomato intake - evidence indicates there's a significant risk reduction for men who eat a lot of cooked tomato products.


BLADDER cancer is common in the UK, with more than 10,000 new cases a year. It accounts for one in every 27 new cases of cancer each year and is more common in men than women.

Stop smoking - cigarettes are the most preventable risk factor.

Get fruity - a higher intake of fruit may protect you too. An increase in fruit consumption of 100 grams a day is estimated to reduce risk by approximately 20 per cent.

Cut back on coffee - European studies show that heavy coffee consumption (more than 10 cups per day) may increase the risk of bladder cancer, so cut down on the caffeine.


CANCER of the mouth, pharynx and larynx: Evidence suggests that drinking alcohol increases the risk of this type of cancer. You can probably reduce the likelihood of developing it by eating more fruit and vegetables.

Cancer of the oesophagus: Being overweight and drinking alcohol increases risk of cancer of the oesophagus, evidence shows. You are also advised to reduce your risk by eating more fruit and vegetables.

Cancer of the endometrium (womb) and kidney cancer: Excess body fat can cause this type of cancer. You'll cut your risk with regular physical activity.
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