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Tympanosclerosis (cosmetic) and retraction. (Otoscopic Clinic).

The otoscopic view is that of a right ear in an asymptomatic patient. A large area of tympanoscierosis involves the anterior and inferior portions of the pars tensa. This is cosmetic and is not producing fixation of the tympanic membrane or the ossicular chain. There is slight retraction over the incus. The pars flaccida anterior to the malleus is also slightly retracted. At the posterior annulus and external auditory canal, an accumulation of cerumen is present. Although this ear should have regular, routine observation to detect any progression of the retraction of the pars tensa, it is probably stable and will require no treatment.

From Gap, France (Dr. Deguine), and the Pulec Ear Clinic, Los Angeles (Dr. Pulec).
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Comment:Tympanosclerosis (cosmetic) and retraction. (Otoscopic Clinic).
Author:Pulec, Jack L.
Publication:Ear, Nose and Throat Journal
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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