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Tycoon offered me pounds 30,000 for weekend of lust; TV's Generation Game beauty tells of millionaire's indecent proposal she DID refuse.

SEXY TV star Angelique Houston was offered THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS by a lovestruck millionaire for a weekend of sex.

Angelique, 28, who shot to fame as Princess Running Bear in Jim Davidson's Generation Game, was stunned when she got one indecent proposal after another in a series of shocking phone calls last week.

The tycoon based in Holland had spotted her pictures in OK! magazine and got the same idea as Robert Redford did with Demi Moore in the hit movie Indecent Proposal.

The dirty Dutchman...

OFFERED Angelique pounds 10,000 and a private jet from Heathrow at 4pm last Friday if she would "satisfy all his requirements".

NO, said startled Angelique.

Moments later the Netherlands millionaire phoned back and...

OFFERED pounds 20,000 if the stunning blonde would go along with his bizarre proposal.

NO, said Angelique.

Five minutes later there was more Hollandaise sauce when the randy businessman called again and...

OFFERED pounds 30,000 for a weekend in which he could do everything he wanted.

NO, said Angelique firmly - unlike the movie where Demi Moore accepts one million dollars to sleep with Redford.

Angelique said she wasn't even tempted when the tycoon said he would give her the pounds 30,000 in notes in a SUITCASE when he flew her back to Britain in his private Lear jet.

She told the Sunday People: "When I picked up the phone I thought it was some kind of wind-up.

"But this guy was serious and he was willing to pay lots of money.

"He explained he had seen my pictures and wanted to spend some time with me.

"He said he wouldn't say who he was or what he did but all would be revealed when we met.

"The guy then said not to bring any clothes with me because he would buy everything I needed - even down to my underwear and perfume.

"He said he wanted to select everything I wore and he would be buying me some very nice presents. Obviously he was a control freak and had to be in charge of everything including what sort of undies I was wearing for the weekend.

"Then he said that he wanted me to devote all my attentions to his requirements throughout the weekend."

Angelique said the tycoon obviously thought she'd be tempted by such a huge amount of cash.

But there was only one man for her - boyfriend James Shanks - and she would never cheat on him.

She said: "He means everything to me and is the best lover I could hope for."

Angelique said she felt even more distressed about the calls when the tycoon started talking about taking pictures of her in all sorts of poses.

She added: "He told me he wanted to photograph me for his own collection.

"It was pretty obvious what that meant - he wanted to have sex with me when and where he wanted and he wanted to take some naughty pictures."

He then told Angelique - who lives with James in Chertsey, Surrey, that she'd be paid in notes. The gorgeous actress, who has also appeared in TV's Rory Bremner Who Else and as the naughty nurse on Chris Evan's TFI Friday, said: "He told me the cash would be just another present from him to me for giving him a wonderful weekend.

"But when I turned down the pounds 30,000 you could tell in his voice that he was angry.

"He kept on saying he couldn't believe that someone would turn down that amount of money.

"In fact at one point it got a bit frightening when he became aggressive and threatening on the phone because I had refused.

"Obviously he was used to having his way and you could tell he didn't like it a bit when he couldn't have what he wanted."

Angelique said she would also have been terrified to have taken the man up on his offer. "What type of man rings up and makes an offer like that? He must be some kind of pervert.

"God knows what could happen to you if you went along with that deal - you might never come back alive. I would tell any girl to say no regardless of how much money is involved."

Angelique - the victim earlier this month of weirdos who broke into her home and stole her underwear - suspects the tycoon must have hired a private detective to get hold of her ex-directory phone number.

She said: "I was amazed that he could just pick up the phone and ring.

"I'm ex-directory because I don't want any old nutter ringing me. I kept on asking him how he had got my number but he refused to say."

Angelique admits that, like anyone, she would have loved to have had the money but there was no way she would sleep with any man for cash.

She says: "I mean, pounds 30,000 is a lot of money in anyone's book. But I'm not that type of girl who can be bought by someone.

"Regardless of how much he would have offered I would have still said no. I would never take money to sleep with someone.

"Even if he had offered me pounds 1 million I would still have said no way - I'm not like that and I can't be bought. I would never go to bed with someone uunless I cared for them."

Angelique said she was shocked by the incident and immediately told James. And she admitted that she was worried about how he might react.

She said: "He was as stunned as I was about the series of calls.

"I have always thought that I'm good in bed and I'm not afraid to be adventurous but there is only one man who is going to get it and that is James.

"I love James to bits. We have a great relationship and our sex life is fantastic - it always has been and always will be.

"We really hit it off in bed. When we close the bedroom door behind us the sparks really begin to fly.

"Sex with him is magic and it has got nothing to do with money.

"But I would never have sex with another man except with James. It's great to be loved. Sex with him is simply priceless."

MODEL Cindy Crawford was once offered pounds 1 million for sex by an Arab tycoon.

ONE in five women say they'd sleep with Tory William Hague for pounds 1 million.
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Author:Hoare, Sean
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 29, 1999
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