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Tyco Flow Control on track to complete Chiyoda Technip joint venture order.

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TYCO FLOW Control is on track to complete an order for 3680 safety relief valves from the Chiyoda Technip joint venture by the end of 2008.

The valves are to be installed on five major EPC projects in the Ras Laffan Industrial Area located 80 kilometres north east of Doha in Qatar - helping it on its way to becoming the largest LNG producing area in the world. A recent meeting in Yokohama, Japan was attended by Chiyoda's senior sales manager procurement division as well as representatives of Tyco Flow Control including Europe, Middle East and Africa (Emea) president of Industrial Valves and Controls. Its purpose was to debrief on the project now that it is approaching a successful conclusion. The five projects for which the valves are destined are the QGX Train 4 & 5 for Qatar Gas associated with Exxon Mobil, the QCS Train 6 & 7 for Qatar Gas associated with Conoco and Shell, the RGX train 6 and Train 7 for Ras Gas associated with Exxon Mobil and finally the AKG Phase 2 for Ras Gas. All of these projects are LNG plants. Commenting on the news, Gilbert Villa-Massone says: "The successful completion of this huge contract is a further demonstration of Tyco Flow Control's world class expertise in LNG and its ability to partner major players at a strategic level."

New testing facility Meanwhile, Tyco Flow Control's Fasani plant near Milan has inaugurated a new test bench for large gate, globe and check valves, which is believed to be the biggest in Europe. In the presence of a number of clients and an enthusiastic workforce, a hydraulic test was successfully performed at the end of February on a 72-inch gate valve purchased by Reliance for its Jamnagar project. The investment is part of a larger lean manufacturing project that has seen a major assembly line reorganisation and the provision of testing facilities dedicated to large size and high pressure valves. The programme is a further demonstration of Tyco Flow Control's commitment to process excellence at its Fasani plant. The test bench facility was designed and built by Italcontrol, one of the most renowned European suppliers of testing facilities and only company in the world with an established track record for test benches for valves over 60". The investment enables the Fasani plant to test large sized valves in dramatically reduced time frames and its location in a specially constructed pit safeguards health and safety considerations. Commenting on the news, Andrea Nannini, plant manager, says: "This facility clearly gives the Fasani brand a competitive advantage and we have good reason to believe that it is the largest test bench ever built in Europe. It will enable us to offer customers complete peace of mind for highly specialised, bespoke orders while cutting lead times." The bench can test valves with transition pipes with up to 4700 mm face-to-face dimensions as well as gate, globe and check valves up to 60" ANSI 600, 30" ANSI 1500. 24" ANSI 2500, with a reaction force of 3000 tonnes.

Anderson greenwood The highly respected range of Anderson Greenwood and Crosby safety relief valves is now available directly from Tyco Valves & Controls, Norway following the recent change of ownership of former distributor Nor Instruments. Anderson Greenwood and Crosby are the world's premier brands in pressure relief valves, tank blanketing products and instrumentation valves and manifolds and widely used in the oil and gas industry. Commenting on the news Frido Langedijk, managing director Northwest Europe and Africa says: "The switch to direct distribution of these brands by Tyco Valves & Controls, Norway will benefit customers in terms of product and application knowledge that our organisation can offer. It also means that the market can tap into the most complete range of flow control products through just one point of contact." The availability of Anderson Greenwood and Crosby products will complement other products already present in the Tyco Valves & Controls portfolio in Norway: namely Sempell spring-loaded thermal relief and expansion valves for industrial applications and low pressure pilot valves used in shipping. Anderson Greenwood and Crosby are premier brands for both direct spring-operated and pilot operated pressure relief valves. The range also comprises the world's largest and most innovative range of Tank Protection Products (differential pressure flow manifolds) with models available for every kind of D/P instrument. In addition Anderson Greenwood / Crosby developed the patented, Safety Selector Valve in response to the growing demand for cost-effective, dual pressure relief valve and/or rupture disc installations in today's process industries. The Safety Selector Valve is designed specifically to function as an effective 'switchover' device that permits routine or emergency servicing of redundant pressure relief devices with no process interruption, providing continuous system overpressure protection.

Clarkson Slurry valve Tyco Flow Control is relaunching the reliable and easy to maintain Clarkson slurry valve -- now fully adapted to European requirements on flange compatibility and PED compliance -- in the Emea region. With a track record stretching back over 30 years, a well engineered, heavy duty design and a large installed base, the product is highly respected and offers a number of advantages over the competition's standard knife gate and 'imitation' slurry valves. The Clarkson is the industry leader and most proven technology in slurry isolation around the world today. The Clarkson slurry valve, manufactured at Reno, Nevada, is ideally suited to applications where butterfly valves might show a significantly reduced life span as well as where standard knife gate valves are not designed to handle solids above 20 per cent. This means abrasive media containing more than 20 to 25 per cent hard particles in wet or dry media, media with large particle size, slurry applications based on high line velocity, media containing sharp edged particles or in dry power applications. The Clarkson slurry valve offers bidirectional 100 per cent isolation and the design of the valve means that no metal parts are in contact with the flow stream when the valve is in the open position. The nature of the design allows the valve design to be self-cleaning and self-purging as it cycles, prevents media build-up inside the body or seat. As a specialist product the valve has a number of features which address all of the problems typically encountered with slurry. The sleeve arrangement causes the sleeves to rebound when the valve is in the open position - the result is an unobstructed flow path without any cavity. In open position the sleeves are the only components, which are in contact with the slurry media and protect the metal body from the flowing slurry. The absence of a seat cavity means solids cannot collect and prevent full gate closure. The Clarkson slurry valve differs from knife gate valves by eliminating any open chest area to avoid the problem of cavity compaction. Also no galling or jamming can occur in the sealing area because there is no metal to metal contact between the gate and sealing area. Choice of materials also leaves nothing to chance and Tyco's in-house rubber laboratory and R&D centre ensure an optimised sleeve design and material selection, which coupled with heavy duty corrosion protection on the body offer trouble free operation for many years. The design of the Clarkson slurry valve makes maintenance extremely simple to conduct. The gate can be replaced without removing the housing from the pipe line and in fact the customer can continue to keep the pipeline in service flowing slurry while this is being done. The sleeves can be replaced from the valve without special tooling or machining, resulting in a cost effective solution. Commenting on the product, Tyco Flow Controls' Rene van der Gaag says: "The sleeve is the key element that defines the lifetime of the valve. The difficulty of a sleeve development is to find the perfect balance between numerous parameters." The Clarkson slurry valve has undergone various modifications and upgrades in order to optimize physical and mechanical properties, such as chemical resistance and compression setting. In addition the sleeve has a reinforcement which gives it a predefined stability in the radial direction versus the required flex in the axial direction." The functionality of the Clarkson slurry valve is simple but effective and consists of two rubber sleeves which are compressed against each other at the flange surface. The gate, which is double bevelled at the end, penetrates between the two sleeves. When the valve is closed the flow is effectively interrupted by the gate, eliminating the possibility of the valve leaking from upstream to down stream and providing a blind flange shut-off.

First bioethanol plant in UK Tyco Flow Control has been selected to supply valve and control packages to British Sugar's bioethanol production plant at Wissington as a result of offering Foundation Fieldbus and AS-Interface compatible valve controls for hazardous areas. Few manufacturers are able to offer such a comprehensive range of products including those for zone 1 hazardous areas. Over 300 valves controlled by Tyco intelligent network devices have been installed at the site near King's Lynn. As the first of its kind to be built in the UK, the installation was officially opened in November 2007 by Lord Rooker, Minister for Sustainable Food and Farming and Animal Health. Tyco Flow Control's relationship with British Sugar stretches back for more than ten years and is now subject to a framework agreement, the customer having recognised the quality of Tyco's product and service offering. Commenting on the announcement for British Sugar Project Manager, Nick Williams says: "British Sugar had completed a number of projects involving large quantities of Tyco products in recent years. We have found them robust and relatively maintenance-free with a good life expectancy. For the various zoned areas at Wissington we required a wide range of product types and it was useful to be able to source most of these from a single supplier." Tyco Flow Control supplied the comprehensive package in conjunction with CEL Project Management. Control valves on the project include variable port control valves, high performance butterfly valves and resilient seated butterfly valves with high temperature resistant XP seats rated at 150 degrees C continuous operation. All control valves are controlled with Tyco SmartCal electro-pneumatic positioners with enclosure to ATEX II 2G EEx ib T4-IP66. These intelligent positioners employ the open Foundation Fieldbus communication protocol, and feature remote diagnostics. For the open-close valves the Tyco XA position monitors have been selected. These ATEX II 2GD EEx d IIB rated units are all linked to the Honeywell control system via an AS-interface network connection. I/O modules and field wiring were dramatically reduced, resulting in overall project cost reductions. The Tyco variable port control valve with its floating ball design is designed for precision flow control of high pressure, high temperature and aggressive features typically encountered in the field of bioethanol production. With features including a custom-designed orifice in the ball to tailor the valve flow characteristic to actual conditions, it also provides high turn down capabilities. In the all-important area of safety the valve is provided with a fugitive emission port, anti-static devices and blow out stems and a patented stem seal for high emissions control under demanding conditions. The British Sugar bioethanol plant, which is located alongside the world's largest beet sugar factory at Wissington, Norfolk will produce 70 million litres of bioethanol annually from locally grown sugar beet. The sugar factory's efficient combined heat and power plant also provides energy for the bioethanol plant ensuring that bioethanol produced here delivers a carbon emissions saving of at least 60 per cent compared to fossil derived petrol.

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