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Two-wheel transporter for police unveiled.

Segway Inc. of Bedford, N. H., has perfected its next-generation personal transporters that are aimed at the community policing market. The advanced transporters--powered by lithium-ion batteries--incorporate two new technologies.

The first innovation permits the user to steer the vehicle by leaning in the desired direction. Built-in software distinguishes between the rider's intent and changes in the ground surface.

Also new is a wireless "InfoKey" controller that serves as an information center, anti-theft system and key to activate the transporter. Among the information provided are details on the status of the battery, vehicle performance and speed, says a company spokesman.

The Segway transporters are geared for urban or all-terrain applications, depending on the model. Transporter range on a single battery charge is 16 to 24 miles and top speed is rated at more than 12 miles per hour.

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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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