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Two-tiered for fall plants.

* This double-decker planter is filled with festive seasonal flowers. Painted clay pots are planted with dark purple and orange pansies, dusty miller, and large heads of flowering kale, then elevated on inverted clay pots inside a long wooden planter. The materials list is ordered for ease of shopping.

DESIGN: Jill Slater (650/363-0524)

TIME: 1 hour, plus shopping

COST: $100 to $140

materials and plants

* Three 8-inch-diameter clay pots

* Three 5-inch-diameter clay azalea (short) pots

* Green wooden planter box, 36 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 10 1/2 inches tall

* One 2-cubic-foot bag of potting soil

* Controlled-release fertilizer

* Three 4-inch purple kale

* Four sixpacks Melody Purple and Orange pansies

* Four sixpacks Trick or Treat pansies (orange with black face)

* Three sixpacks dusty miller

* Four 4-inch green-and-white kale

* One pint acrylic burnt orange paint

* One pint acrylic straw yellow paint


1. Paint the 8-inch-diameter pots orange; let dry a few minutes. Paint the rims yellow. Allow to dry (10 to 15 minutes).

2. Fill painted pots with potting soil; mix in controlled-release fertilizer. Plant one purple kale in the center of a pot; around it, alternate pansies with three to four dusty miller plants; water well. Repeat for the other two pots.

3. Set the planter box in its permanent location (it's heavy when full); fill it partway with potting soil. Space three inverted 5-inch clay pots evenly in the planter box so their bottoms sit just below the rim of the box. Fill in around them with soil, leaving the tops uncovered; mix in fertilizer.

4. Set one or two green-and-white kale plants on each end of the wooden box. Along the planter sides, alternate pansies and dusty miller. Place two plants between each inverted 5-inch pot. Water well.

5. Set the 8-inch pots on top of the inverted pots.
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