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Two-tier pay to merge for flight attendants.

Two-tier pay to merge for flight attendants

At American Airlines, members of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants were covered by a 5-year contract that begins to merge the two-tiered pay scale. Under the system, "B" scale employees hired in 1983 or later were paid at about half the rate of "A" scale employees hired earlier. Reportedly, about half of the 12,000 flight attendants were on the B scale, earning an average of $12,000 a year, compared with $25,000 to $27,000 to those on the A scale.

Under the settlement, the pay scale for first-year employees was raised 15.7 percent, and b scale employees will move to the A scale in their eighth year of service. This shift will result in pay increases up to 45.8 percent for some employees over the contract term. Pay rates were not changed for A scale employees, but they will receive $600 lump-sum payments in eacg contract year.

The settlement, which averted a planned 2-day work stoppage by the attendants, als provided for increased normal pensions and for a new early retirement option for attendants age 45 to 55 with 20 years' service; and for changes in pay rules for nonflight duty hours.
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Title Annotation:Developments in Industrial Relations
Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Mar 1, 1988
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