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Two-sided miter saw speeds up production at Helikon plant.


The Helikon furniture, plant, established in Sanford, N.C., in 1989, includes as part of its desktop line a Frommia 660 miter saw manufactured by Ferdinand Fromm GmbH & Co. of Fellbach, Germany. It is one of the first such saws sold in the United States.

Used to miter joints and frame parts for desktops, one of the initial product lines turned out at the plant, the machine was part of a machinery plan worked out by Stiles Machinery, a distributor of panel processing machinery, and Columbo Consulting. The machine was placed in a production line in front of a Comil clamping machine used in the desktop production.

The Frommia 660 is a two-sided miter saw for solid wood edges, capable of sawing two miter joints in a single operating cycle. Both miter joints on the board and on the transversal banding are out in one pass at zero tolerances. The saw saves as much as 40 percent of the time required by conventional mitering techniques. A feeler system in the variable saw support immediately corrects for variations in width which occur during processing.

The machine, of heavy-duty construction for vibration-free operations, guides sawing units on precision linear carriages, each of which has four spherical liners. A major benefit to Helikon is that in using the Frommia 660, the lengths of the bandings are minimized, providing virtually no waste. With controls and indicators located conveniently above the 31 1/2-inch-high table, the miter saw fits well into Helikon's desk-top production line.

Occupying space of less than 6 feet square, the Frommia 660 accommodates workpiece widths of 4 3/4 inches up to 31 1/2 inches. Board length is unlimited. One sawing unit is fixed, while the other is manually adjustable to panel width by a handwheel. Power on each sawing unit is 2.8 horse-power, with a spindle speed of 3,600 rpm. The saw weight is approximately 1,230 pounds.

PHOTO : The Frommia 660 accommodates workpiece widths of 4 3/4 in. up to 31 1/2 in.
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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