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Two-minute spin separates samples.

SpinColumns, by Harvard Apparatus, are suited for quickly desalting, removing unbound markers and for purification of proteins, peptides and DNA. They are designed for purification of small samples (10 to 150 [micro]1) in either single column or high throughput 96-well or 384-well formats. Centrifugal force drives the separation process. The columns are offered pre-filled with a selection of chromatographic materials. Specific materials such as charcoal, cellulose and IMAC contained by frits and/or caps are also available. Columns can be pre-filled with custom materials based on customer requests. They are easy to use--just place into a centrifuge tube or plate rotator and spin for 2 min to separate the samples. The column material binds and purifies the sample according to size, shape, chemicalcomposition, charge or other physiochemical properties. Harvard Apparatus, 508-893-8999


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Title Annotation:UPDATE ON Centrifuges
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Dec 1, 2011
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