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Two who paid a tragic price.

TWO graphic case histories illustrate the suspected link between polio jabs and cancer:

MILES Overton, boss of an Essex haulage company, developed a rare bone cancer seven years ago and nearly lost his leg. Doctors found that his tumour was infected with the polio jab SV40 monkey virus. Miles was too young to have been inoculated with the suspect vaccine - but his parents were. Researchers suspect the polio jab virus has now been passed to a second generation. Miles, from Great Tey, Colchester, Essex, said: "The doctor said the tumour had eaten away two thirds of my knee bone."

SIX months ago John Ingram was a super-fit 53-year-old. Nine days before Christmas he died from mesothelioma, a disease linked to asbestos exposure. John, a father of two, from Cardiff, South Wales, had worked with asbestos and so ran a risk of developing cancer. But pathologists also discovered traces of the SV40 polio jab virus in his tumour and believe this may have weakened his resistance to cancer. His widow Val, 49, said: "We all had the polio jab in the 1950s. Not enough is being spent on finding out how this virus now appears to be claiming so many lives."
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jan 11, 1998
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