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Two suspects confess in gunshop slaying.

Two men charged in connection with a firearms dealer murder at a Hammond, Ind., gunshop - including the suspected gunman - have pleaded guilty and are cooperating in the prosecution of two remaining defendants, according to the Hammond Times.

A third man was charged with murder and, following the guilty pleas and statements from the pair, prosecutors have charged a fourth man in connection with the Oct. 22, 1992, shooting of Dolores Freund.

Freund, 56, died on December 11 as a result of the injury.

According to statements by Christopher Davis, 21, and Joel Carrillo, 18, they and Mark and Mario Montanez, 24-year-old brothers, were driving around and contemplating a hold up of Firearms. Unlimited, a gunshop owned by Frank and Dolores Freund.

They stopped the car near the store and Mark Montanez got out to scout the target site. He returned to the car a short time later and said there were no dogs or cameras in the store, and only one employee.

In discussing it with Davis and his brother, Mark allegedly said it was "only a two-man job" and that they should "go for it." Carrillo unlocked the trunk and Mario and Davis got the rifle out, then walked into the store with Davis holding the gun.

According to Davis' statement, Dolores was on the telephone and he pointed the gun at her, then saw her reach under the counter. Thinking she was going for a gun, he allegedly fired and wounded her in the side.

Davis said he ran from the store and heard Dolores say into the phone. "I've been shot. Get help."

According to Carrillo's statement, a short time after he saw Davis and Mario Montanez go into the store, Mario ran out, gun in hand, and said he had shot the woman inside, and they drove off.

Hammond police officer Greg Peters stopped the car a short distance away.
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Title Annotation:murder of firearms dealer based in Hammond, Indiana
Author:Schneider, Jim
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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