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Two sides of Sean.

DETROIT: Actor/playwright Sean Paraventi is staging a temporary takeover of Motor City theatre. His comedy The Current, about a bachelorette party, runs at Two Muses Theatre in Bloomfield, Mich., through April 13, while Love Is Strange, a cold-blooded, mature tale, runs at Magenta Giraffe Theatre April 4-26.

Paraventi didn't act in his first full-length play until he was in his mid-30s, and he didn't start writing until he was over 40. But he has earned two Wilde Award nominations since putting his pen to paper.

"I've never written anything close to this dark and disturbing," he says about Love Is Strange, which calls into question the true nature of predators and victims and involves a blood-spattered costume design. "I didn't set out to shock," says Paraventi, "but I didn't shy away from it, either. Sometimes I did feel a little creepy after a writing session, and I wondered how I would be perceived because of this play. If I lose couple of Facebook friends because of it, so be it."

Notes Magenta Giraffe's artistic director, Frannie Shepherd-Bates, who directs Love Is Strange, "We want to be sure our patrons know what they're in for when they buy a ticket."

The Current, on the other hand, takes a keen look at the nature of female friendships when a bachelorette party is sprung upon a woman who happens to be a psychic. Paraventi, who has three older sisters, says he wrote the play while working a job with a number of tweritysomething women. "That definitely fed the story," he says. "Honestly, all I try to do is get to know my characters (men or women) and see where they take the story." All over town, apparently. Go to and

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