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Two planned projects combined to serve East Coast markets.

Williams' Transco Pipeline held a binding open season to obtain shipper commitments for an expansion designed to connect domestic natural gas supplies originating from the Rockies, Appalachia, and the emerging Marcellus shale supply regions to growing markets on the East Coast.

Williams held non-binding open seasons in late 2007 for its proposed Rockies Connector Pipeline and Transco's Northeast Connector Project. After discussions with potential shippers, the two projects have been combined and plans call for them to be built and operated as an expansion of the existing Transco pipeline system. The combined projects will be known as the Northeast Supply Project.

The proposed Northeast Supply Project includes a 250-mile extension of the Transco system that would connect the Rockies Express Pipeline near Clarington, OH to Transco's mainline in southeastern Pennsylvania. The project also provides for an expansion of Transco's existing system, giving shippers a seamless path from Clarington to delivery points in Transco's Zone 6. Included in the expansion is a proposed new lateral from Transco's existing pipeline in northern New Jersey to a new delivery point in lower Manhattan. The new delivery point would tie-in with Consolidated Edison Company of New York, significantly increasing natural gas delivery capability to New York City. Firm transportation service is anticipated to be available by November 2011.
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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