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Two new spray guns for fluid impingement. (Composites).

A new pair of FRP spray guns are designed for the non-atomized Fluid Impingement Technology (FIT) recently patented by Magnum Venus Products, Clearwater, Fla. Both are airless, internal-mix types. The Cipher gun is said to be an improvement over MVP's ProGun in that it has a hard anodized head and lighter weight (more than 1 lb lighter than any competitor's gun, MVP claims). It has fewer parts to reduce maintenance costs and its new Rapid-Access Design (R.A.D.) allows quick seal replacement. MVP says the Cipher gun has the "lowest emissions and tip fluid pressure of any gun on the market, meeting and exceeding all MACT and EPA emissions standards."

The same emissions claims are made for the Maximus gun (pictured) designed for filled resins. Like the Cipher, it is said to be more than 1 lb lighter than the competition, and it also features R.A.D. Other improvements include a hardened stainless-steel body and carbide needle seat. Tel: (727) 573-2955,
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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jun 1, 2002
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