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Two new producers of holo-scratch off coatings. (Holo Products).

Alpha Lasertek (India) and De La Rue Holographics & Tapes (UK) have joined Pura Barutama (Indonesia) as producers of scratch off holograms as a more secure replacement for the usual grey latex-based ink. DLR is positioning its product for the brand protection and telecommunications sectors, while Alpha is aiming at the telecoms cards, gift voucher and lottery ticket markets. Pura's product was developed specifically for pre-paid telecoms cards and is used by several cellular phone service providers in Indonesia, with Pura producing over SM cards monthly (see HN Vol 16 No 2).

Scratch-off holographic foil offers more protection for the PIN number, voucher or lottery number) than latex inks. The challenge is to prevent reading of the number by removing the coating and re-covering it, which can be done relatively simply with basic printing equipment. As transaction instruments carrying a monetary value, these cards are susceptible to tampering, unauthorised access and removal of the data, which the telecom companies are keen to prevent. A secure customised hologram is far more difficult to replace!

DLR is promoting the scratch-off holograms as a means of providing brand differentiation and enhancement in what is becoming an increasingly crowded market. The company also sees opportunities for brand protection and, as well as the foil, is developing a scratch-off holographic label for this sector. Alpha also promotes the brand enhancement value of the scratch off hologram but seems to be focusing on paper documents such as vouchers and certificates. It offers a range of foil colours and, in order to attract market interest, is offering to produce small-quantity or ders for small companies in India.

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Publication:Holography News
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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