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Two new journals on crime and punishment.

Companies in India and Australia have begun the publication of new journals on crime and punishment, including "Crime, Punishment and the Law" from India and "Intenational Journal of Punishment and Sentencing" from Australia.

The "International Journal of Punishment and Sentencing" is published by Sandstone Academic Press (Melbourne) to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholarship on contentious and emerging issues and developments in punishment and sentencing in all jurisdictions. It is published three times a year and an annual subscription costs AUD $300.

Content for the publication includes coverage of: theories of punishment; crime, control and the types of punitive measures that are most effective in reducing crime; rationales for sentencing; achieving traditional sentencing objectives, including deterrence, rehabilitation and incapacitation; the merits of fixed sentencing v. discretionary sentencing; new forms of punishment and crime control; race and crime; aggravating and mitigating circumstances; model sentencing systems; and, public opinion and sentencing.

Sandstone said it encourages article submissions that both describe and evaluate the law in all jurisdictions and across all cultures in order to provide an understanding of punishment and sentencing practices throughout the world.

"Crime, Punishment and the Law: An International Journal" is published twice a year by Serials Publications Publishes & Distributors (New Delhi). Described as "broad in scope," the journal seeks to highlight multinational research related to crime and justice around the world. An annual subscription costs $200.

The journal is designed to provide a comparative examination of policing, judicial and correctional operations within the global community, while also focusing on various specialized issues such as crime prevention, peacekeeping efforts, transnational organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking, multinational policy making, multinational legal analyses, as well as issues related to race and racial tensions in criminal justice settings.

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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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