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Two new city councilors selected in Creswell.

Byline: Serena Markstrom The Register-Guard

CRESWELL - The City Council voted unanimously Thursday to appoint Adam Pelatt and Brent Gifford to join the body after two councilors resigned last month.

Pelatt and Gifford were among five people who applied for the council seats. The others were Ruby Miller, Roy Robertson and Alan Pointer.

Sitting councilors scored the applicants on their answers to essay questions and on their professional and service backgrounds. At Thursday's special council meeting, the applicants also were judged on prepared statements and their answers to three questions pertaining to Creswell's future and strengths, and on relationship building.

Pelatt, 35, said he moved to Creswell four years ago after 10 years working in business development, most recently in Tacoma. Gifford, 47, moved to Creswell almost a decade ago from Washington, D.C., and said he has held executive level positions at large credit unions.

Last month, City Administrator Mark Shrives submitted his resignation after the council met in an executive (non public) session. After the council then unanimously accepted Shrives' resignation in open session, Councilors Mike Anderson and Jean Mc Kittrick both resigned.

Later last month, the council appointed Jamon Kent - a former Springfield School District superintendent - as interim city administrator. There was no discussion Thursday about a timetable for selecting a permanent city administrator.

Although there have been some sharp words between some councilors and Shrives over recent issues involving the municipal airport, Mayor Dave Stram said previously that no single issue led to the resignations. He said it was an accumulation of things resulting in an erosion of trust.

At Thursday's meeting, several applicants highlighted the importance of the council being more transparent and accessible to the citizenry.

Before Stram announced the appointments, Councilor Nora Reynolds said she is happy that the city is once again going to have a full council, "of the people, by the people and for the people," to audience applause. About two dozen people showed up to witness the interview process, including many who were there to support a specific candidate.

The city has had its share of issues in recent years, including disputes over airport management and high water bills, as well as recall attempts and disagreements among councilors. The airport had been on the front burner most recently, with some councilors accusing Shrives and the city staff of withholding or misrepresenting information about the siting of a new weather station.

That led councilors to vote to withhold some funding for the project until they received more information.
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Title Annotation:Local News; Adam Pelatt and Brent Gifford replace Mike Anderson and Jean McKittrick, who resigned
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Apr 12, 2013
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