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Two marketing views of Indian women.

One of the premiere marketers of scooters in India is selling a scooter customized for women. The manufacturer is known for its line of bikes that appeal to the male consumer. But after conducting a research study, the company found that there was room in the market for a woman's bike.

The company is also opening a chain of outlets in 20 Indian markets specifically designed to sell the scooters and serve the female market segment. According to The India Times (Gurgaon) in a story published on February 18, 2006, the company is also planning to offer services to women to compliment scooter sales. These services include emergency services, anytime pickup services, personal accident insurance, and a "Lady's Rider Club."

Women in India account for 80 percent of the gearless scooter market.

Industries in other product categories are also increasing marketing campaigns directed at women. The normally male-oriented hi-tech industry has found that slim notebook computers, cell phones, and MP3 players can increase revenue by marketing specifically to women.

In a separate story The Times (February 25, 2006) reported on a study by the Center for Advocacy and Research (CFAR), which found that the number of homemakers in India stayed about the same from 1995 through 2004. The study showed that there was a marked difference in advertising to women between 1995 and 2004. In 1995, 35 percent of advertising directed at women was for personal products such as shampoos and soaps. By 2004 such advertising had shrunk to 14 percent leading CFAR to conclude that a return to traditional roles for women had supplanted the "professional" woman role.
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Publication:Market Asia Pacific
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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