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Two for one.

I have two comments.

Concerning the restroom problems ("Restroom Respect," Reasons & Remarks Redivivus, March PN), I have found this is true almost everywhere. I find infant changing stations in at least 80% of the accessible stalls in women's restrooms.

At a recent event at an auditorium, I found a parent changing a child's costume in the only accessible stall; mind you, they had free access to the "dressing rooms" backstage!

Concerning Bill Law-son's testimony in March about the nonexistent "One VA" ("Legislative Priorities," PVA From the Top, May PN), it's also supposed to include the pharmacies. There was supposed to be one "formulary." All VAs would carry the same medications, but that, too, has ended up in VA's bureaucratic scrap pile!

If veterans move to a different VA, they may be forced to change some of their medicines, as the new pharmacy doesn't stock what they've taken for years. It's shameful we can't get basic continuity of care between hospitals and VISNs!

Linda Hutchinson

N. Augusta, S.C.

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Title Annotation:you said it...
Author:Hutchinson, Linda
Publication:PN - Paraplegia News
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Date:Jul 1, 2013
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