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Two contracts reached at Yale.

Negotiators for Yale University and two locals of the Federation of University Employees, affiliated with Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees, pushed back a strike deadline to reach 4-year settlements that provided enhanced job security and job flexibility for approximately 3,700 workers. Local 34 represented about 2,500 clerical and technical workers in the negotiations, and Local 35 bargained for 1,200 service and maintenance workers.

Terms of the agreement with Local 35 guarantee jobs for service and maintenance employees during the term of the contract, in exchange for the union's participation in a joint committee that would deal with productivity, work rules, and subcontracting issues. The committee would evaluate the university's service-delivery systems and formulate goals and standards for efficient operations. The panel is authorized to identify and modify ineffective or inefficient work practices or management techniques.

Other terms included wage increases of 3.5 percent in each of the first three years and 4 percent in the fourth year; expedited arbitration procedures; and cost-of-living adjustment allowances in the last four quarters of the contract equal to 1.5 cents an hour for each 1.0-point rise in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers.

The agreement with Local 34 called for a 90-day advance notice of layoffs and a comprehensive package of income, training, and job placement assistance for employees facing layoffs. Laid-offworkers would have the option to receive training grants for up to 6 months to ease transition to other jobs, severance pay equal to 1-week's pay for each year of service, or placement in an Interim Employment Pool. Workers opting to be placed in the pool would receive full pay and benefits for up to 12 months while working in temporary jobs until full-time positions become available. The agreement also provided for the establishment of a joint Job Search Team to supplement placement and counseling services forlaid-offworkers by advising the university on job requirements and qualifications and encouraging appropriate job referrals to the university's placement system.

One of the indemnity plans (Connecticut General A) was retained for current enrollees, but with "significant" increases in employee payments over the term of the contract. The health plan university officials prefer was retained at no cost to employees. A health maintenance plan (CHCI) and the other indemnity plan (Connecticut General B) are available to all employees, but with employee copayments that increase over the term of the agreement. Upon retirement, new employees potentially would become responsible for paying for health care premiums, 20 percent of the cost for employees with 10 years of service but less than 20 years, and full costs for those with fewer than 10 years of service.

Other terms included 4.9-percent annual wage increases; changes in the union security provision, including language clarifying the financial obligations to the union of union members and nonmembers and elimination of the Contract Administration Fund, which held contributions and deductions of nonunion members; and expedited grievance procedures.

Hours after the parties concluded the settlements, the Graduate Employees and Student Organization, which claimed to represent about 1,300 graduate assistants, began a 3-day job action against Yale. In a show of sympathy, approximately 1,100 members of the Federation of University Employees walked off their jobs. The union's primary complaint was the university's refusal to recognize the organization as the bargaining agent for the graduate students.

The university so far has not recognized the Graduate Employees and Student Organization.
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Title Annotation:Yale University, Federation of University Employees
Author:Cimini, Michael H.; Behrmann, Susan L.
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:May 1, 1992
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