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Two Penns make their mark.

A company to take notice of is Krueger Sausage Company on Fulton street in Chicago. What makes Krueger special? Just taste their products. They are exquisite. The Bratwurst is superb, the Smoked Sausage is to die for, and their Links have the most beautiful bloom, not to mention, 21 day shelf life after they have thawed. What about the rest of their line, well the polish is perfect, the Fresh Brat will knock your socks off and on and on. What do they make that is less than outstanding-nothing! Their products are truly as good as you can get. But, giving the customer an exciting product is just the icing on the cake. Upon closer look at this company, what is really unique is their people and vision of the future. At the helm is a creative, energetic and tireless woman. With the first hello you know you have found someone who loves what she does. Her name is Patti Penn. Believe me, she lives and breathes her company. Nothing is too good for her products or customers. Within the last year, she has added another 40|cents~ in cost to her finished product, without adding a cent to the customer.

For over 80 years this quality company has been on the scene in the Chicagoland market. The Chicago Restaurateurs and 5 star chefs keep her production line humming. But, as we all know a great secret cannot be kept. The Krueger products are now being distributed from the East Coast to the West Coast. More and more the purveyors of the quality meats are demanding the Krueger line. The Krueger Sausage Company brings to the modern markets Old World tradition. Further in their line of meats, more and more the company is always seeking new products that add dimension to today's diversified menu.

One of the many products that their R & D department came out with this year, is Krueger's Mediterranean Burger. This is a 100% American Lamb patti, flavored exactly like a gyro. It is turning out to be a tremendous hit with restaurateurs all over the country. This patti does away with the need for expensive restaurant equipment for the individual store owner because of Krueger. They can now add a sought after item to their menu like a gyro. Krueger Sausage company is the only company in America making this product today. The "Med Burger" is being served on buns of white bread and wheat, on croissants and in Pita's. The typical connotation of lamb makes it acceptable at all levels of dining.

So an Old World traditional sausage company is understanding a world that is growing smaller. All people today are enjoying foods from around the world like the Greek fare or the swedish or the English traditional foods. For all these adventuresome people, Krueger Sausage Company will be making sure the people of America are getting the old and the new products they enjoy. The Potato Sausage (Swedish), the Banger (Irish-English), the Mediterranean burger (Greek), the Fresh Polish, (Polish), The Bratwurst, Thuringer, Knackwurst, Liverwurst (German), the Italian (Italian), the Breakfast patti and link (American).

New and exciting things are on the horizon for the Krueger Sausage Company. Kurt Penn, Patti's son is leaving soon for the West Coast to see what's new and interesting. The California market is usually on the cutting edge of what is going on in taste trends. Kurt has a good sense of what is going on in taste trends. Kurt has a good sense of what is excellent so we will be busy making the best of the West. The only criteria we adhere too, is that the product must taste wonderful and be the best.

Besides the Mediterranean burger, the Krueger Sausage Company then added two other interesting lamb products to their solid specialty line. A Lemon Pepper Burger, and Lamb Pizza topping. When we asked Patti her interest in pursuing the development of lamb products she said "she realized everyone enjoyed lambchops or leg of lamb or lamb shanks, and is one of the best tasting and leanest meats there is. Lamb by its nature says fine dining and it adds variety to a menu.

Pizza establishments today are looking to add more exciting topping to their menu. "To upgrade a pizza, you must first upgrade the meats." This is why Krueger Sausage Company has developed a lamb pizza topping. "People are looking for the quality and variety and we are going to be here listening to the needs of chefs and their customers trying to help listening to the needs of chefs and their customers trying to help them serve their customers with great tasting products that are easy to prepare."

Another outstanding product that would especially please the chefs of the country, is our Chicken Liver Pate. It is easily the finest Pate on the market today and all one has to do is open the tube and spread it on a cracker.

Patti may come up with the new marketing ideas, but her son Kurt is the one who gives her ideas life. He spent his young life at the side of George Krueger, learning to mix spices to perfection. It is Kurt who sees to the meat coming in the door. He cares about the lean content. When asked about his products, Kurt says "We have never put the word "Lean" on our sausages because people who know Krueger understand that our sausage by its nature is very lean. On many of our items we are leaner than some of the "Lite" sausages. But, to us the taste and the bite of a sausage comes first. There should never be an overpowering flavor of one spice over another. It's the perfect blending of spices with the finest, freshest meat that makes an outstanding product. So our products are generally leaner but, our focus is on a successful backyard barbeque or more sandwiches to assist the restauteurs with a greater customer base.

Kurt Penn is a very impressive young man, he is level headed and openly shares the love of his company with his mom. He says, "these can be confusing times for the meat industry. My belief is to keep it simple, make the finest tasting sausage on the market today and the customers will be back for more. "They have and they do." Our customer base continues to grow.

Our pizza topping made of 100% lamb is on Beaujo's Menu in Denver. Brian O'Rourke who owns Beaujo's called with incredible excitement over the recipes he came up with and the excitement the lamb topping pizza has made in his market. This is exciting to Patti and Kurt, customers calling and sharing success stories with them. The two Penn's are always open for suggestions as to what they can do for their customers.

They would love to hear from anyone who needs or wants a processor to be creative and work with them in development of new products.

Building relationships is the fun side of this business. Hearing an idea from an end-user and making his dreams come true is where we excel. Working with the chefs of this country is an exciting thing. They bring creativity and a demand for excellence which seems to be an exact match for the Krueger Sausage company.

The Krueger Sausage Company makes products each and everyday, fresh or fresh frozen (IQF). All their products come in cocktail size which have been a great success in banquet feedings. Their R&D department can turn out a new sample product in two to three weeks and have a finished product from three weeks to two months. This is definitely a company you will want to investigate. Call for samples at 1-900-862-0060 and ask for Patti or Kurt Penn or Paul Sullivan, sales manager. You will not be disappointed.
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Title Annotation:Patti Penn, president of Krueger Sausage Co., and son Kurt Penn
Publication:Frozen Food Digest
Date:Oct 1, 1992
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