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Two New Smart Cameras for Web Inspection.

This new web-inspection system detects and categorizes real-time web defects like holes or spots down to 0.005-in. size, and dirt or coating streaks as small as 0.002 in. Model 3030 from R.K.B. Opto-Electronics Inc., Syracuse, N.Y., uses an array of high-speed 1024-pixel CCD line-scan video cameras. Systems cost from about $60,000 on up, depending on web width and size of defect that must be detected. RKB's Quality Assurance Management System software collects, analyzes, and reports film quality data.

A second new high-bandwidth CCD smart-camera sensor is available from Webview Inc. in Tomales, Calif. WebEye 100 scans an entire web, detecting defects like edge cracks, dirt, and gels as small as 0.001 in. and alerting the operator if defects are found. A whole system with a single WebEye camera and built-in light source costs $10,000 and can be configured for webs from 8 to 72 in. wide with cross-web resolution from 512 to 8200 pixels per camera. More cameras can be added as modules. It's Windows NT or Linux compatible and is upgradable to Webview 2000 and 3000 software for real-time defect tracking.
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Comment:Two New Smart Cameras for Web Inspection.
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Date:Nov 1, 1999
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