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Two Dynamic Decades Change the Course of Communications Industry.

Starting on page 66 we took a look at communications down through the centuries, making the point that more changes had occurred in man's ability to communicate during the hundred years just preceding our October 1964 first issue than in all the thousands of years that had gone before.

Two dynamic decades have sped by since Communications News published that "first issue". There 20 years have been packed full of exciting events which have added important chapter after chapter to the history of communications as more changes in communications have occurred in the past 20 years than in the 100 previous years!

Here, just before examining in detail the 20 outstanding communications developments of the two decades (starting on page 82), is an overview of the highlights of these 20 years with some pictorial highlights. We go year-by-year, giving CN headlines of important stories in italics followed by brief, single-sentence story digests . . . and concluding each year's recap with an "at-year's-end" statistical summary. 1964

Syncom III Set for Olympic TV Comsat finalizes international arrangements for historic test of global television transmission.--October

Bell Offers Two New Data-Phone Sets Two new Data-Phone data sets designed specifically to permit medium-speed exchange of digital data are now available.--November At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 2,534 Telephones: 86 million Radio Sets in Use: 214 million TV Sets in Use: 64 million CATV Systems: 1,484 Land Mobile Stations; 1,418,826 Electronics Market: $18.4 billion 1965

Open New Cable to Virgin Islands AT&T and ITT complete joint laying of 1,200 mile deep-sea cable.--January

Consat's First Launch Completely Successful "Early Bird" satellite now being tested after achieving perfect position.--May

Western Union Introduces Business Hot-line Service New "Hot Line" business telephone service establishes automatic connections instantly.--July

Bell System Introduces "Trimline" Telephone First phone instrument honored for design by Museum of Modern Art.--October

Automatic Electric Unveils Unique Video Telephone An experimental model automically centers the image of the user the picture screen.--December At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 2,445 Telephones: 94 million Radio Sets in Use: 228 million TV Sets in Use: 67 million CATV Systems: 1,575 Land Mobile Stations: 1,456,911 Electronics Market: $19.5 billion 1966

RCA Communications Opens Telex Service to Hawaii First automatics direct-dial telex service introduced.--January

Electronics and Broadcast Groups Salute Sarnoff AT&T chairman Fred Kappel and Lowell Thomas featured in "Salute to David Sarnoft" attended by 1700 prominent Americans of Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.--September.

Santa Fe Railway Opens New Microwave System A 2,450-mile microwave communications system between Chicago and the Pacific coast placed in service.--December At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 2,268 Telephones: 99 million Radio Sets in Use: 242 million TV Sets in Use: 71 million CATV Systems: 1,750 Land Mobile Stations: 1,623,681 electronics Market: $21.9 billion 1967

RCA Develops Tiny Tubeless Television Camerca A revolutionary tubeless television camera smaller than a man's hand announced by RCA.--January

100,000,000th Telephone President Lyndon Johnson speaks to the governors of all 50 states in an historic conference call from the Cabinet Room of the White House celebrating America's 100 millionth telephone.--June

Hawaiian Merger Merger of Hawaiian Telephone Company into General Tel brought together GTE President Leslie Warner and Hawaiian Tel President Douglas Guild.--July

EKG by Satellite Electo cardiograms were transmitted by RCA Communications from France to the United States via communications satellite in a dramatic breakthrough in advanced medicine and telemetry.--September AT&T Doubles Satellite Circuits to Europe Already the world's largest user of satellite facilities, AT&T asked the FCC for authorization to acquire 80 satellite circuits from Comsat.--December At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 2,124 Telephones: 104 million Radio Sets in Use: 263 million TV Sets in Use: 75 million CATV Systems : 1,817 Land Mobile Stations: 1,788,707 Electronics Market: $23.7 billion 1968

AT&T Plans Super-Capacity Cable New $146 million system will link New York and Philadelphia with Chicago and St. Louis.--June

Carterfone Case Opens Door for Interconnection FCC says anything goes that does not affect the telephone company's operations or the telephone system's utility for others!--August

AT&T Suggests New Connection Policy New, Liberalized Tariff regulations which would allow more customer-provided equipment to be connected to the Bell System were submitted to the FCC.--October

Comsat Opens Etam Facility New 97' dish in West Virginia hills will be Comsat's major east coast facility.--November

AT&T Files New Tariff on Interconnection AT&T has filed with the FCC a new tariff effective January 1, 1969 which would revise long-standing provisions that prohibit interconnection communications equipment.--December At year's end . . . Telephone Companies 1,995 Telephones: 109 million Radio Sets in Use: 282 million TV Sets in Use: 79 million CATV Systems: 2,100 Land Mobile Stations: 1,723,098 Electronics Market: $24.8 billion 1969

Eight New ESS Units Added to Autovon Eight new electronic switching systems were added to the world's largest private telephone network which provides rapid communications among 1,700 military bases and government installations.--January

FCC Socks It to the CATV Industry NCTA President Fred Ford accuses FCC of rulings that will "bring to a halt the further expansion of CATV."--February

Comsat Opens New Puerto Rico Station New earth station at Cayey is 22nd in growing world network.--March

General Electric Offers New Hand-Held FM Radio New "MASTR Progress" sets said to be most powerful yet.--July

Apollo II Space Crew Makes Communications History Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin radio voice messages and transmit TV pictures back from the surface of the moon!--August

Bell Cable Ship Starts Laying New Transatlantic Cable Laying of the 3,500 mile TAT-5 undersea cable to link the United States with Spain Portugal and Italy begins.--November At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,917 Telephones: 115 million Radio Sets in Use: 301 million TV Sets in Use: 84 million CATV Systems: 2,397 Land Mobile Stations: 1,769,378 Electronics Market: $26.6 billion 1970

AT&T Plans to Use Domestic Satellite AT&T Chairman M. I. Romnes declares intention to apply to FCC for permission to imploy satellite as an integral part of its nationwide network.--March

Bob Hope Heads Broadcasters Golden Anniversary Kick-off comes at NAB fiftieth annual convention in Chicago.--April

Western Union Set to Offer Data Service Tariff filed with the FCC for new "Datacom" service for business.--November At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,866 Telephones: 121 million Radio Sets in Use: 321 million TV Sets in Use: 88 million CATV Systems: 2,397 Land Mobile Stations: 1,869,611 Electronics Market: $28.4 billion 1971

New York Banks go Checkless with CHIPS Net Nine major banks in New York City are using a computerised communications network to handle interbank transfers of 15 to 20 billion dollars a week.--January.

Western Union Opens "Mailgram" Center Top officials of the United States Postal Service and Western Union dedicated a new computer center in Mahwah, New Jersey for "Mailgram" next business day delivery service.--February

RCA Files Satellite Proposal RCA Global Communications joined the race for FCC approval of a domestic satellite system . . . a race which AT&T, Comsat, Western Union, General Tel, Hughes Aircraft, MCI-Lockhead, Fairchild Hiller, Tele-prompter Huges and Western Telecommunications have already entered.--April

FCC Gives Specialized Carriers Green Light New policy will permit qualified companies to offer services without hearings.--July

ITT World Seeks to Serve 15 New Gateways Asks FCC to okay Houston, Newark, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Milwaukee and Detroit as additional entry points for international telex and message traffic.--November. At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,830 Telephones: 126 million Radio Sets in Use: 336 million TV Sets in Use: 93 million CATV Systems: 2,570 Land Mobile Stations: 1,745,709 Electronics Market: $28.2 billion 1972

CATV Compromise Fashioned by OTP Rejoicing NCTA and reluctant NAB agree on new rules package.--January

ICA Holds Silver Anniversary Conference in Dallas RCA President Anthony Conrad is keynoter.--May

Specialized Common Carriers Move Toward Nationwide Goals FCC authorizes MCI New York-Chicago microwave and Datran will begin construction of data net in Houston.--July

TRT Now Fourth International Route to Europe Tropical Radio receives approval from the FCC to extend its services to Europe.--September

Southern Pacific Communications Gets Okay on Microwave Net Construction Permits granted by the FCC for 11-state common carrier network.--November At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,783 Telephones: 131 million Radio Sets in Use: 354 million TV Sets in Use: 101 million CATV Systems: 2,841 Land Mobile Stations: 1,791,397 Electronics Market: $33.7 billion 1973

Western Union Wins Domestic Satellite Okay Launch of "Wester" in April 1974 will be nation's first domestic satellite.--February

Westinghouse Wins Boeing AWACS Award Gets $70 million for work on airborne radar program.--May

WUI to Build Earth Station in China Agreement reached between General Administration of Telecommunications of the Peoples Republic of China and WUI for direct operations between Peking and the United States.--June

Bell System Introduces Dataspeed 40 Terminals Innovative family of high-speed data terminals to be manufactured by Teletype.--July

ITT Seeks Specialized Common Carrier Route ITT's United States Transmissions Systems proposes to use Transco pipeline right-of-way for Houston to New York route via Atlanta, Washington and Philadelphia.--September

Von Braun Keynotes TCA in San Diego Sees exciting new frontiers for satellite communications.--October

AT&T Asks Moratorium on Interconnect AT&T Chairman John deButts calls for a "moratorium on further experiments in economics" aimed at increasing competition in the telecommunications industries.--November At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,720 Telephones: 138 million Radio Sets in Use: 369 million TV Sets in Use: 110 million CATV Systems: f2,991 Land Mobile Stations: 1,811,048 Electronics Market: $39.9 billion 1974

Bell Files New "High-low" Tariff In a major departure from long-standing nationwide average pricing practice, the Bell System Filed a new rate structure for private line voice-grade services.--January

FCC Authorizes Packet-Switching Net PCI has been authorized by the FCC to operate a packet-switching communications network.--January

RCA Turns On First USA Domestic Satellite System Using leased Canadian Telesat Anik transponders, RCA became the first United States communications company to turn on a domestic satellite system.--February

AT&T and GTE Join for Domestic Satellite Comsat General would own three satellites under AT&T-GTE plan.--June

Communications NewS Salutes "The Dynamic Decade" Tenth Anniversary Issue features Western Union "Westar" satellite launch.--September

Bell Revises Policy AT&T, in a major policy revision, announced a new program which permits customers to connect telephone answering sets equipped with "appropriate safeguards" directly to the telephone network.--October

Westar II Launched by Western Union The second big bird in America's first domestic satellite system are successfully launched.--November At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,552 Telephones: 169 million Radio sets in Use: 444 million TV Sets in Use: 138 million CATV Systems: 3,875 Land Mobile Stations: 15,089,295 Electronics Market: $728 billion 1975

Xerox Introduces Telecopier 100 Far Machine First general purpose facsimile device transmits in two minutes and prints on plain paper!--April

Communication Set for Apollo-Soynz Test One of the world's most comprehensive communications systems set for USA-Russian spacecraft docking.--July

Demonstrate 35-Second Fax to London Rapifax 100 facsimile used in demonstration of 35-second fax over ordinary voice-grade telephone lines between New York and London.--December At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,666 Telephones: 144 million Radio Sets in Use: 383 million TV Sets in Use: 117 million CATV Systems: 3,158 Land Mobile Stations: 1,949,126 electronics Market: $42.5 billion 1976

ITT Proposes Domestic Digital Data Network $40.5 million facilities to connect previously incompatible data terminals and computer devices proposed by ITT Domestic Transmission Systems.--February

MIT and AT&T Plan Anniversary Confab Arthur C. Clarke speaks at symposium marking 100th anniversary of the telephone.--March

RCA Satcom II Doubles RCA Channel Capacity in Space Now there are two domestic satellite operators . . . RCA and Western Union . . . and each has two big birds in space.--May

First Comstar Launched The First Comstar satellite was successfully launched by Comsat for AT&T and GSat.--June

Messages from Mars! A triumph in communications planning as the first photos from Mars are sent back to earth by Viking I.--September

Commonwealth Tel Enters "Digital World" Northern Telecom sell its first DMS 10 digital switching system to Commonwealth Tel in Dallas, Pennsylvania.--November

SPC Highest Bidder for Datran's System Southern Pacific Communications was the successful bidder for fthe purchase of the bankrupt Datra microwave system.--December At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,643 Telephones: 149 million Radio Sets in Use: 401 million TV Sets in Use: 121 million CATV Systems: 3,506 Land Mobile Stations: 3,827,529 Electronics Market: $42.2 billion 1977

Justice Antitrust Suit Gets Go-Ahead Federal District judge rules that the FCC does not have sole power to challenge AT&T practices and Justice Department says it will go for divestiture.--January

"Reform Act" Offered Again in House HRS . . . the "Consumer Communications Reform Act of 1977" . . . is introduced.--February

SBS System Approved FCC authorizes Satellite Business Systems, a partnership of Comsat General, IBM and Aetna Casualty.--March

Court Sends Execunet Back to FCC Court of Appeals reverses FCC rulings against MCI.--September At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,615 Telephones: 155 million Radio Sets in Use: 412 million TV Sets in Use: 125 million CATV Systems: 3,681 Land Mobile Stations; 6,181,300 Electronics Market: $50.2 million 1978

Court Gives Go-Ahead to Expand Execunet AT&T required to provide additional interconnections for Execunet service by appellate court.--June

ITT World and Comsat Demonstrate High-Speed Digital Facsimile Newspapers in ST. Louis and Lyon, France exchange front pages over 56Kb circuit.--July

Brown Will Become Chairman When deButts Retires Charles Brown elected as the chairman of AT&T.--November At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,581 Telephones: 162 million Radio Sets in Use: 425 million TV Sets in Use: 131 million CATV Systems: 3,832 Land Mobile Stations: 11,829,995 Electronics Market: $60.6 billion 1979

Xerox Proposes Digital Network Planned XTEN high-speed nationwide digital network will use leased satellite capacity integraded with customer radio links and rooftop antennas.--January

FCC Adopts Tentative Computer Inquiry Rule Eliminating a major obstacle in its Second Computer Inquiry, the FCC classified networks service into there categories: voice, basic non-voice, and enhanced non-voice.--July

Telecom 79 Held in Geneva, Switzerland WUI's Ed Gallagher keynotes once-every-four-years ITU extravaganza.--September

Northern's DMS-10 Gets AT&T Approval AT&T has notified its Bell System operating companies that Northern Telecom's Digital Multiplas System 10 is now recommended as a telephone central office switching system.--December At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,513 Telephones; 175 million Radio Sets in Use: 450 million TV Sets in Use: 145 million CATV Systems: 4,150 Land Mobile Stations: 18,460,425 Electronics Market: $87.8 billion 1980

Okay Merger of Xerox and WUI Acquisition of WUI of Xerox has been granted conditional approval by the FCC.--January

Hughes Applies for New Satellite Net Hughes Aircraft has filed an application with the FCC for authority to build and operate a new domestic communications satellite system.--January

Congressional Rewrites Picking Up More Steam Senator Ernest Hollings says: "At no time since lesiglation way first introduced has the prospect for enactment of Communications Act amendments been brighter."--March

Resale Rules Considered by the FCC Commission's primary objective is to evaluate the desirability of resale.--April

Telpak Demise Set for December AT&T is planning to discontinue its interstate private line bulk-rate offering called "Telpak" effective December 21.--November

Largest Users Will Feel Hike in WATS The largest users of WATS service will feel the rate revisions filed with the FCC by AT&T.--November At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,508 Telephones: 180 million Radio Sets in Use: 453 million TV Sets in Use: 156 million CATV Systems: 4,225 Land Mobile Stations: 16,574,451 Electronics Market: $103.1 billion 1981

FCC Approves Bell's Fiber Optic System AT&T and eight associates operating companies have received authorization from the FCC to construct and operate a fiber optic transmiision between Washington and New York.--January

AT&T and Justice Agree in Antitrust Case Justice and AT&T report "significant progress" has been made toward reaching a settlement, causing Federal Judge Harold Greeme to delay the trial.--March

Teleconferencing Plan Outlined by AT&T Plans for an initial 11-city teleconferencing service were outlined by AT&T in a filing with the FCC.--May

Cellular Radio Phone Service Approved Aften ten years of proceedings, the FCC has approved commercial 800 MHz cellular radiotelephone service, allowing two 20 MHz systems per market.--June

Former President Gerald Ford Keynotes TCA The role of the communications manager in office automation is the theme of annual conference in San Diego.--September. At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,484 Telephones: 182 million Radio Sets in Use: 460 million TV Sets in Use: 163 million CATV Systems: 4,375 Land Mobile Stations: 8,639,704 Electronics Market: $113.8 billion 1982

Law Signal to Repeal Section 222 of communication Act Western Union is coming back into the international service area and the international record carriers are being freed in the domestic segment.--February

Divestiture Plan Forms Seven Regions for BOCs As a major first step in preparative for divestiture AT&T will reorganize its 22 principally owned operating companies into seven regions.--April

American Bell's the Name AT&T's fully-separated subsidiary has a name other than "Baby Bell"! It's American Bell.--August

Pure Resellers Deregulated by Commission Concluding that it has discretionary authority not to regulate carriers with limited or no market power, the FCC says it will not regulate resellers.--September

GTE Buying SP Units for Inter-City Services GTE plans to acquire Southern Pacifichs communications and satellite subsidiaries for $750 million cash.--November

First Cellular Radio Service Okayed for Chicago The FCC has granted the application for AT&T's AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service) subsidiary in Chicago.--December At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,457 Telephones: 185 million Radio Sets in Use: 470 million TV Sets in Use: 172 million CATV Systems: 4,697 Land Mobile Stations: 2,006,750 Electronics Market $126.1 billion 1983

Second 30 Cellular Filings Approach 400 The second wave of applications for cellular mobile telephone systems, those for markets 31 through 60, Flooded the FCC.--January

Access Charge Plan Will Levy Extra User Rates End users will be assessed directly by local telcos.--February

Westinghouse Will Link Locations with Cable TV Agreement calls for Warner Amex Communications to provide voice and data service via high-speed all-digital cable.--April

Third Round of Cellular Radio Filings Draws Most Yet Slot for market areas 61 through 90 draws 567 filings . . . 83 wireline and 484 non-wireline.--May

Geneva Center of Telecom World Telecom 83 and Forum 83 held at Palexpo with AT&T Chairman Charles Brown as Keynoter.--October At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: 1,454 Telephones: Who Knows! Radio Sets in Use: 480 million TV Sets in Use: 181 million CATV Systems: 4,792 Land Mobile Stations: 2,067,960 Electronics Market: $138.2 billion 1984

AT&T-BOC Divestiture Starts New Telecom Era The Bell System as we've known it is no more: instead we have sthe "new" AT&T and seven regional Bell holding companies.--January

FCC Pressured Into Delaying Residential Access Bowing to the pressure of user groups, vendors, and the United States Senate, the FCC delayed the implementation of a residential $2 end-user charge.--March

FCC Implements Cellular Lottery A lottery system for cellular service markets below the top-30 has been implemented by the FCC, while retaining the "Carrier set-aside."--June

AT&T Asks FCC for Freedom to Compete AT&T has asked the FCC to grant it the freedom its competitors have in serving customers by removing organizational restraints that have been made "obsolete" due to the breakup of the Bell System, especially the provision of the commission's 1980 Computer inquiry II decision that the company says "can and do interfere with the efficient and competitive provision of customer premises equipment and enhanced service."--July

AT&T to Resell Services FCC gives permission and also allows BOCs to act as sales agents for basic services.--August At year's end . . . Telephone Companies: Telephones: Who Knows!! Radio Sets in Use: 490 million TV Sets in Use: 193 million CATV Systems: 4,900 Land Mobile Stations: 2,100,000 Electronics Market: $149.7 billion
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