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Twitter Loses Its Mind After Learning Mario Has Nipples In 'Super Mario Odyssey'.

Thousands of gamers were shocked at the sight of Mario's nipples in the latest update for "Super Mario Odyssey." Fans made the discovery after Nintendo ( released updates on the game Wednesday through Nintendo Direct, a platform utilized by the gaming company to unveil announcements. A shirtless Mario and his nipples were put on full display as he was on the beach. 

The big reveal challenged previous thoughts on Mario's nipples. Fans hadn't acknowledged his nipples before because they weren't sure it even existed. Twitter naturally became vocal upon the unexpected nipple inclusion. The conversation, which heightened between Wednesday and Thursday, brought along confusion and numerous questions. 

"Today was the first ever in-game appearance of Mario nipples, though a previous pieces of Nintendo-approved art has shown them before," a ( user tweeted . 

"Mario nipples confirmed but no chest hair," YouTuber Barry Kramer ( tweeted . "I thought he was Italian."

"Upon further inspection, Mario has been shirtless before...but DIDN'T HAVE NIPPLES. He GREW nipples for Odyssey. Story of the CENTURY," a third user wrote in a tweet.

The nipple inclusion caused several users to offer up questions. Polygon reporter Samit Sarkar ( said , "dear everyone tweeting about shirtless Mario and his nipples: like, it'd be weird if he DIDN'T have nipples, right?"

A second user simply commented, "Why are people obsessed with Mario's nipples?"

A third ( user tweeted , "People are losing their shit over Mario having nipples. Which seems like it should be expected. My question is where is his belly button?"

Mario's participation in the #FreeTheNipple movement has also led some to question his arm tattoo. Mario's upper arm was featured in a ( 2004 advertisement by Nintendo. To the surprise of many, Mario showed off a solid black tribal tattoo. The tattoo and Mario's upper arm, however, hasn't been seen since. 

The nipple conversation was primarily carried by men. Men discussed Mario's nipples 66 percent of the time they mentioned the character compared to 34 percent of women participants doing the same, according to ( Brandwatch . 

Mario's nipples aren't the only new game feature worth mentioning. Super Mario Odyssey is made with the technological, social media world in mind. Mario upgraded his original two-dimensional form to become shiny and three-dimensional. He also quit his plumbing gig to travel the world. Saving Princess Peach from Bowser's wedding plans, however, still remains a top priority for the video game character.

Nintendo ( claims the game will come with "amazing new abilities." Gamers can use the abilities to capture and control objects, animals and enemies to acquire Power Moons, a collectible item that gives Mario access to more levels. Power Moons are equivalent to Power Stars, which were featured in Super Mario 64 and other related games.

Mario also has a new ally named Cappy. Cappy joins the game to serve as Mario's primary partner and to help him rescue his sister, Tiara. 

Super Mario Odyssey won't hit shelves until Oct. 27, but fans can ( pre-order a copy of the game ahead of its arrival.
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Date:Sep 16, 2017
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