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Twitter Celebrates Same-Sex Marriage Legalization In Germany.

Pride Month ends on a good note in Germany as lawmakers voted Friday to officially legalize same-sex marriage. The approval allows for Germany to join a growing list of European countries that have already legalized same-sex marriage, including Denmark and the United Kingdom.

With four abstentions, Parliament passed the law with 393 votes in favor of same-sex marriage and 226 in opposition to it. However, the approval was unusual for the country's normal practices because it occurred rather quickly.

Same-sex marriage is now recognized in 23 countries worldwide. 

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According to the ( New York Times , Chancellor Chancellor Angela Merkel - who is a member of the Christian Democratic Union  - relinquished her tight grip on preventing the law from passing. Although Merkel has pushed her anti-marriage inequality agenda for years, she wanted to give her fellow lawmakers the opportunity to "vote their conscience," even as she voted in opposition of it.

"For me, marriage in law should be between a man and a woman - that is why I didn't vote in favor of this bill today," Markel told ( The Guardian Friday. "I hope that the vote today not only promotes respect between different opinions but also brings more social cohesion and peace."

Jan-Marco Luczak, a fellow member of the CDC, stood against Merkel's conservative view on marriage. He encouraged other party members to stand up and fight for same-sex marriage because he believes it's "absurd" not to. 

"It would be absurd to try and protect marriage by preventing people to marry," Luczak said, according to the ( Los Angeles Times . 

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The legalization of same-sex marriage has been a topic of discussion amongst German lawmakers for a little over two years.

According to a recent ( YouGov survey , it showed that two-thirds (66 percent) of German citizens are comfortable with the idea of same-sex marriage being recognized within the country. The younger demographics, between ages 18 to 44, showed an overwhelming amount of support for it.

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Martin Schulz tweeted about Parliment's plans to debate same-sex marriage three days prior on June 27. He took to Twitter, saying: "We will push through marriage equality in Germany. This week."

After news of Parliament's decision made headlines, Schulz took to Twitter again to give his seal of approval for the new law. 

"The marriage for all is decided. Thus, there is unity and law and freedom in Germany now for all those who love each other," Schulz wrote on Twitter. "Progress is possible. As the 23rd country on earth, we now have marriage equality in Germany. I'm happy for all the married couples to-be."

He added, "I am pleased with all that which today finally justice is to. We celebrate the marriage for all at the Brandenburg Gate!"

Likewise, fellow Twitter users showed their support for Germany's decision to recognize same-sex marriage. One user wrote, "So happy to finally hear some good news in the media. Congrats To Germany for legalizing gay marriage!!! What a great time to be alive!"

"I'm sooooo happy about Germany legalising same sex marriage!" another user wrote. "I wonder how many people have got married already today?"

A third user said heterosexual people should buy them a cake in honor of the new law. "Germany just legalized gay marriage on the last day of pride month, all straight people have to buy me a cake," the user tweeted. "It's the law."

More took to the social platform to express solidarity:

Germany has become the twenty-third country to recognize same-sex marriage.

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