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Twists and turns that led to peace.

THE signing of a military agreement to end the Kosovo conflict follows days of agonising diplomacy.

Friday, May 28 - Russia's special envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin meet Milosevic for nine hours and emerges saying he was "very satisfied". A source close to the Yugoslav government calls the outcome "positive".

Thursday, June 3 - The Yugoslav government announces it is to accept peace proposals. US and European leaders react cautiously. NATO say the air campaign goes on.

Friday, June 4 - Tony Blair confirms NATO generals have contacted Yugoslav counterparts over practical arrangements for implementing a deal. There's still no let up in the war.

Saturday, June 5 - NATO's top general in Macedonia sits down with his Serb opposite number to plan the Yugoslav pull-out. NATO jets continue to pound targets in Kosovo.

Sunday, June 6 - Peace talks seem close to collapse after Serb generals reportedly object to NATO troops moving in behind them.

Monday, June 7 - The West and Russia fail to reach agreement on the involvement of NATO troops. Behind the scenes, the diplomacy continues.

Tuesday, June 8 - The G8 industrial powers agree a UN Security Council resolution authorising a peace implementation force for Kosovo, with NATO at its core. Talks between allied and Serbian generals on the withdrawal go on into the night.

Wednesday, June 9 - The marathon talks continue in Macedonia. At 8.49pm, the deal is signed by both sides.
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Author:Mcqueen, Alastair
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 10, 1999
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