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Twisted killer Anders' chilling links to Irish extremists exposed; BREIVIK'S BACKGROUND EVIL MONSTER PRAISED.


IN the hours before Anders Behring Breivik carried out his sickening massacre he published a chilling 1,500-page manifesto showing his support for two high-profile Irish far right groups.

This week The Irish Sunday Mirror exposes the sick Irish inspiration behind last week's chilling massacre which left 76 dead after a bombing in Oslo and shooting spree on nearby Utoya island.

Twisted Breivik was a staunch supporter of a number of vile Irish race hate groups.

The heartless murderer listed the Irish Nationalism Forum - an internet group linked to the anti-Islamic Irish Defence League - as essential reading for his neo-Nazi supporters.

Members of the shady Irish Defence League are widely believed to use the forum to discuss tactics, pedal hate and arrange far right events.

Posts on the group's Facebook page - which boasts more than 700 followers - paint a picture of a group hellbent on hatred against immigrants and religious freedom.

One member said: "No surrender, IN IRELAND THE RELIGIOUS ENEMY IS ONE...


THE ISLAM!!" Meanwhile another crazed member added: "They are always shouting for their rights here - I despise Islam."

The full extent of their bigoted views could be seen in the aftermath of last week's tragic massacre.

Instead of mourning the lives of the innocent victims, members jumped to defend Behring Breivik - claiming that he was not a racist.

One member said: "He was not a neo-Nazi or a white supremacist. He was Christian, but not a fanatic. In fact he was apparently like me - liberal right. He was anti-racist, pro-gay and pro-Israel."

Another brainstormed ideas for advancing the killer's cause hours after the attacks. He said: "The Islamists are smiling inside. Anti-islamists need to generate a forum to discuss the threat posed by Islam."

Despite the sick beliefs the Irish Defence League has seen a surge in members in recent times, and if the current growth continues then the sick organisation looks set to top 1000 members in just a number of weeks.

The faceless hate squad hides behind a cowardly mask with no one person nominated as leader.

But insiders claim that the group may provide a convenient cover for anti-Irish race hate faction The English Defence League to force its twisted ideas on the Irish people.

The concerns even prompted one brave voice to post:"EDL running this page then.... Lets ask them about Irish Sovereignty and the return of the Six Counties because I've heard some fairly scary rhetoric about Ireland's place in the United Kingdom!

"We are not one race we are separate cultures and my culture is not yours. We are different and this difference is not a bad thing."

The EDL is headed up by Stephen Lennon, 28, and 41-year-old Kevin Carroll both descendants of Irish emigrants who settled in the UK.

Behring Breivik praised the group in his 1500-page manifesto.

The Irish Defence League is not alone in spreading race hate against the country's many hard working immigrants. It has even managed to form a micro splinter group, The Real Irish Defence League.

The extremists used the recent attacks as a vile opportunity to score points over the sister group. In an of-ficial statement the group pointed to the fact that Anders Behring Breivik had promoted their sister group.

They initially described the attacks as "shameful" but you don't have to look far before finding hate posts describing Islam as an "evil religion" and criticising a recent Irish aid ship designed the help the people of Gaza.

The group said: "The Real Irish Defence League is completely opposed to the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. We have nothing in common with the Palestinians."

They are believed to be working with a neo-nazi style party known as the Democratic Right Movement.

The bigoted group believe that asylum seekers - many fleeing war torn countries - should be herded into prisoner of war-style camps.

The cloak and dagger group is headed up by far right activist Michael Quinn - and recently campaigned against the removal of the grave of Adolf Hitler's right hand man Rudolf Hess.

In an attempt to brainwash internet users Quinn posted a depraved campaign outlining his views.

Speaking about terrified asylum seekers he says: "In Democratic Right we suggest building holding centres for people who arrive in Ireland and that they be immediately be moved to these centres." A senior figure in The Democratic Right Movement is John Kavanagh, exposed as a vile neo-Nazi by the Irish Sunday Mirror last year.

He told an undercover reporter: "If I had power... blacks, Muslims, p***s. etc. I'd round them up and shoot them all for invading my country. Don't worry about the tidy up - I'd make them dig their mass gravesfirst."

Another group favoured by evil Breivik is the murky Immigration Control Platform.

The group says it intends to address the phenomenon of immigration to Ireland, and to lobby Government for a tight immigration policy. It also aims to force government ministers to adopt a very rigorous policy in relation to asylum-seekers, refugees, and a determined response to all illegal immigration.

The group even favours scrapping parts of the Geneva convention and wants to deport immigrants trying to find a better life in Ireland.

But the bizarre far right clan claims it is not racist, and insists it bans people who hold white supremacist views from membership. At the time of going to print The Irish Sunday Mirror had uncovered no evidence to back up this claim.


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