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Twins' happy adventures in wonderland.

Byline: Linda Whitwam

THE summer holidays are upon us once again.

My two nephews have just finished their first year at university and joined the thousands of young people looking for a summer job.

After enquiring in vain at a number of establishments in their home town of Bournemouth, the twins finally hit the jackpot.

The two strapping lads were delighted to gain employment at the Alice in Wonderland theme park.

Jacob spent his first day in sole charge of the ice cream van. Both boys are obsessed with fitness and gym training and they had been concerned their new onerous duties would interfere with their rigorous regime of timed infusions of protein shakes.

Everything went swimmingly for the first few hours on the ice cream van. The weather was cold and grey, so there wasn't anything much to do.

What Jacob hadn't taken into account was the consequences of his regular large intake of liquids. He wasn't allowed to leave his post and ice cream vans don't have toilets. We didn't ask.

Hugo, like his brother and the rest of the teenage population, has an aversion to domestic tasks. He was appointed to the cafeteria where he spent his first day serving meals and happily washing up. This came as something of a revelation to his mother, Carole.

That night Jacob, with more than a hint of pride in his voice, informed his parents that he was going to be in charge of Snappy the Inflatable Dragon the following day.

Meanwhile Hugo, presumably because of the enthusiasm and aptitude he had shown in the kitchen, was to be promoted to Cuddles Corner.

This involves seating young children on a bench and covering their knees with a towel. Hugo then selects an appropriate small furry animal from the Wonderland menagerie and places it on the aforementioned child's knee.

In our low moments, Carole and I think of the boys at Cuddles Corner with Snappy the Dragon and have a little chuckle. Only another two months to go before they are back at uni.

Happy days.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jul 23, 2011
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