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Twinkies Are Back And Smaller Than Ever, Where To Buy The Popular Snack.

Snack fans rejoiced after it was announced that ( Twinkies would be revived following the bankruptcy of Hostess. Reality may soon put a damper on the return of Twinkies as it appears the cakes are smaller than their predecessors.

( The Associated Press looked at the boxes of the new Twinkies, already on shelves at Wal-Mart and scheduled for a national rollout on July 15, and discovered the cakes are smaller than their predecessors. The new Twinkies weigh in at 77 grams and 250 calories for two cakes. The previous operators of Hostess spoke to AP prior to the November closing and revealed the cakes were 150 calories per serving. Photos of the packaging revealed the weight of each cake to be 42.5 grams, indicating a four gram decrease in weight for the new Twinkies.

While the new Twinkies may be smaller than their predecessors the change may have occurred a few months prior to the bankruptcy filing in November. Speaking to Hostess spokeswoman Hannah Arnold, AP reports the change was initiated in mid-2012. Another change by the predecessor company involves the increased expiration date of Twinkies. The previous shelf life of Twinkies was set at 26 days but was increased to 45 days in November. While the Twinkies appear to be smaller the taste has not changed as the new operators are using the same recipe as their predecessor.

The new operators of Hostess, Apollo Global Management and C. Dean Metropoulos & Co., which also owns the Pabst Brewing Co., announced the revival of Twinkies in March along with the acquisition of the company. Production of the cakes began in June after local reports in Georgia revealed a plant was being prepared to begin making Twinkies. For a list of retailers selling Twinkies visit ( Hostess Cakes' consumer site .
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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jul 15, 2013
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