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Twin screw extrusion.

The Macromatex TSCS (twin screw control system) is an entirely PC-based control system for use with the company's range of twin screw extruders that are utilized for compounding, devolatilization, reactive processing and direct extrusion. State-of-the-art hardware combined with Windows 2000 software are said to eliminate the need ][or a programmable logic controller and discrete temperature controllers. Auto-tune temperature control for the barrel sections and die is performed within the PC software. Data logging, graphical display and trending for all process variables is viewed via the display screen. Human Machine Interface (HMI) software is accessed by a keyboard and/or touchscreen. Unlimited recipe storage is available, while run information is said to be easily exported into a spreadsheet, according to the company. All of these systems are supplied with a remote control access package for service, file transfer, upgrades and off-site viewing of the extrusion process. The TSCS control architecture is said to significantly reduce costs while maintaining the data acquisition capabilities of a PC-based system, according to the manufacturer. The TSCS package may also be retrofitted onto the company's existing twin screw extruders, including the ZSE-27 twin screw extruder. (American Leistritz Extruder, 169 Meister Ave., Somerville, NJ 08876)

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Title Annotation:Equipment
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 22, 2003
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