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Tweet & savoury.

CELEBRITY chefs make millions selling cookbooks filled with long and often complicated recipes.

But it can be easy to be put off by lists of ingreditents and dozens of instructions.

If you get the wobbles at the thought of cooking up anything complex, fear not.

Inspired by Twitter, new book #RecipeShorts is a collection of recipes written in 140 characters, or less.

So, armed with your cheat's guide to the shortened words and symbols, now you can make everything from warming breakfasts, delicious dinners and sweet treats, with just a one-paragraph recipe... | | #RecipeShorts by Andrea Stewart, published by Kyle Books is out on May 11, priced PS9.99 MEXI-BURGER Mix 500g ea prk&beef mince w/35g fajita seasoning. Shape 6 patties, grill. Toast buns, top w/salsa, avo, sour cream & jalapenos CHEESECAKE TART Whisk in order 250g cream cheese,50g sugar,1t lemjuice,1egg. Fill 20cm pastry case,bake 160C~30min 2 set, cool. Top w/jam reinvented MAKES 1 EGGNHOLE Buttr sides of sliced brioche, fry 1 side,flip,cut hole in centr&crack egg in2 hole.Flip 2 finish, eat w/crispy round 2 dip in2 egg 2 creme fraiche to impress SERVES 4-6 0g RED PEPPER SOUP Sweat 170g chop'd onion,1t grlic. +800g tin toms, 5 rst'd red pepprs,1L vegstock,S+P,simmr~25min. Puree. Top w/ornge zest TDEB'S CHOC DELIGHT Cream 200g buttr 420g sugar,4T cocoa.+4 eggs, 125g flour. Bake in greased pan,180C~25mins. Dust w/icing sugar SERVES SPEEDY SCONES Mix 225g flour, 60g sugar, 2t b.pwdr. Gr8 in 60g cold buttr+150ml milk,60g currants, shape round loaf on tray,200C~20/25min MA Spli w/p toMARGHERITAMUFFIN t English muffin, toast&spread assata, torn buffalo mozz, 1/2'd cherry ms. Grill til melted. Top w/basil. S&P GI Mix miri seed INGR TUNA SALAD 4T chop'd pickld gingr,rice vin&2T in,oil. +jar quality tuna(drain),1t bl.sesme ds,1sp.onion. Srv w/avo&pea shoots

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 8, 2017
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