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Twas the week before Christmas.

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through Fort Blue, Not a mechanic was happy, awaiting some clue. While the orders sat on the ULLS clerk's chair, In hopes that some parts soon would be there.

The parts had been ordered but supplies there were none, Though the Army folks said there were parts by the ton; But depots were empty and workers were idle, Because some parts rooms kept parts as if they were idols.

And none were so mean, or so nasty, or vile. As the grinch who held on to each part in his pile; His supply room a warehouse so he'd feel no pinch, His Highness, the dishonorable, Hoarder Grinch!

But that trash, the unserviceables, were a key to supply, Depots could fix, and to requisitions reply; But Hoarder couldn't be bothered with mere readiness, Of hoarding and trash piles he couldn't care less.

So he ordered more extras enlarging his stash, And couldn't be bothered with what he called trash.

The commander called for the help that he needed And forthwith a jolly old elf his call heeded; Half-Mast the elf was so lively and quick, He visited supply rooms with a speed that was slick. More rapid than reindeer his friends made a raid, "Hi, Connie! Hi, Bonnie! Hello, Sergeant Blade! Let's find those old grinches who hoard and who stow, And find those unserviceables adrift like the snow."

"What ho? Stand fast!" cried the master elf, Half-Mast, As he spied Hoarder Grinch and his stockpile so vast; "What meaneth this hoarding and what of this trash? Many soldiers await those supplies in your stash."

So Connie and Bonnie, Blade and Half-Mast Turned in extras and repairables, they had quite a blast. The depots received those unserviceables with glee, and the workers were happy as happy could be.

So Christmas arrived and mechanics were glad, New parts were available, and repaired parts had; No one was hoarding and turn-ins were made, Commanders were pleased when repairables paid. So don't be a hoarder, turn in all that stuff, The supply chain depends on it, sure enough!
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Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Date:Dec 1, 2003
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