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TutorVista to use Harper Education's online tools for its tutor service - report.


Harper Education, part of publisher HarperCollins, will reportedly be linking up with TutorVista, an India-based tutor education service.

TutorVista, which is backed by US venture capital fund Sequoia Capital, will use Harper Education's online learning aids to enhance its tutoring service targeted at children in the UK.

For GBP50 a month parents can buy their children one-to-one access to Indian tutors to help them pass their GCSEs and A-levels. The service includes an interactive white-board, an instant messaging tool and an Internet telephone system.

According to The Times, all Indian tutors will have a good degree in the subject they will be teaching and are taught about the UK's curriculum and how to approach any accent barriers during a six-week training course.

The tutor service also currently operates in the US, where it has some 950 students signed up.
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Publication:M2 Best Books
Date:Mar 29, 2007
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