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Tutor had affair with teen pupil, hearing is told.

Byline: Wales News Service

ACOLLEGE tutor is at the centre of allegations of an affair with a teenage girl after her father said he spotted a lovebite on his daughter's neck, a hearing in Cardiff has been told.

Lecturer Nia Davies, 31, began a "sexual relationship" with her teenage pupil while teaching her at college, including allegedly sharing a bed on trips to London art galleries.

Ms Davies faces being struck off for her "sexually motivated" relationship with her former pupil.

A misconduct hearing was told media and film lecturer Ms Davies exchanged "thousands" of inappropriate messages with the girl during their 10-month affair.

An Education Workforce Council hearing was told her father became suspicious when his daughter brought Ms Davies' name up in several conversations.

Presenting officer Cadi Dewi said he discovered the relationship when he noticed a lovebite on her neck.

Ms Dewi said: "Concerns first came to light about the relationship when the girl's father made a referral to her college. He noticed she had marks on the side of her neck which he described as lovebites. He was then told the girl was 'seeing' Davies."

The father reported his concerns and an investigation was launched at Coleg Sir Gar in Carmarthenshire.

The girl admitted to police she had spent weekends away in Bath and London with her teacher - and they had shared the same hotel bed.

She denied having sex with Ms Davies, but said they had kissed and would sleep together at Ms Davies' home in Cardiff. The police investigation led to Ms Davies being arrested and bailed. But the hearing was told she was never charged.

Ms Dewi told the hearing: "Davies' conduct amounts to inappropriate misconduct, when you take into account her role as an educator and the girl's role as a learner."

The girl, who identified as "Learner A" when she gave evidence, told the hearing she had never been in a sexual relationship with Ms Davies.

The teenager also denied she had previously admitted to police, her father and mother that she had kissed her teacher - saying they must have been "confused".

She said: "We sent texts but they were social texts. They were only in the tens, not the thousands. I never admitted kissing Nia to my father, it's completely untrue. That conversation never happened and I can't explain it.

"We've had a conversation about my sexuality before and I think there's a lot of confusion to be honest. Nia was just a supportive lecturer."

Ms Dewi asked if she could explain why a hotel manager in London identified her as a girl who had stayed with Ms Davies overnight, to which she replied: "It couldn't have been me because I wasn't there."

She also denied she was now living with Ms Davies in Cardiff.

Her father told the hearing he confronted his daughter about the relationship, which she at first denied before admitting they had kissed.

He said: "She was adamant she wasn't attracted to females at first. She said they weren't in a relationship. But then she admitted kissing her and said she'd stayed over at her house."

George Pollitt, representing Ms Davies, said the allegations were a "mess of confusion" and that Ms Davies strenuously denied the affair.

Ms Davies faces eight claims including that she "engaging in email communication of a social rather than academic nature", "saw Learner A unaccompanied on a social basis", "shared a bed with Learner A during a trip to London", "invited Learner A into her home on at least one occasion", "allowed Learner A to sleep at her home", "kissed Learner A", "gave Learner A a lovebite" and "engaged in sexual intercourse with Learner A".

The hearing continues.


Media and film lecturer Nia Davies
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Oct 13, 2016
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