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Tuss McLaughry Award winners.

The Tuss McLaughry Award, established in 1964, honors distinguished Americans for their service to others. It is named in honor of DeOrmond "Tuss" McLaughry, the first fulltime secretary-treasurer of the AFCA and one of the most dedicated and influential members in the history of the Association.
2003 Stephen Ambrose, Author, Historian (posthumously)
2002 Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys
2001 Andrew Young, U.N. Ambassador
1998 George Bush, U.S. President
1996 Eddie Robinson, Grambling State U.
1994 Charley Boswell, Armed Forces
1993 Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys
1990 Burt Reynolds, Actor
1989 George Schultz, U.S. Sec. of State
1988 Lindsey Nelson, Sportscaster
1987 Gen. Chuck Yeager, Armed Forces
1986 Gen. Pete Dawkins, Armed Forces
1985 Pete Rozelle, NFL Commissioner
1983 Ronald Reagan, U.S. President
1982 Robert L. Crippen & John W. Young, Astronauts
1981 Dr. J. Holland, Educator & Business Executive
1980 Lt. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, Armed Forces
1979 Jimmy Stewart, Actor
1977 Gen. James A. Van Fleet, Armed Forces
1975 Gerald R. Ford, U.S. President
1974 John Wayne, Actor
1971 Edwin Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Astronauts
1970 Richard M. Nixon, U.S. President
1969 The Rev. Billy Graham, Evangelist
1968 J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director
1967 Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. President
1966 Lyndon B. Johnson. U.S. President
1965 Bob Hope, Entertainer
1964 Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Armed Force

Past Presidents of the AFCA

2002 Glen Mason, Minnesota
2001 Joe Taylor, Hampton U.
2000 Bob Ford, U. at Albany
1999 Rocky Rees, Shippensburg
1998 Roy Kidd, Eastern Kentucky
1997 Don Nehlen, West Virginia
1996 Fisher DeBerry, Air Force
1995 Billy Joe, Florida A&M
1994 Ron Schipper, Central Col.
1993 Hayden Fry, Iowa
1992 John Cooper, Ohio State
1991 Bill Manlove, Widener
1990 Johnny Majors, Tennessee
1989 Don James, Washington
1988 Joe Restic, Harvard
1987 LaVell Edwards, BYU
1986 Vic Rowen, San Fran. St.
1985 Vince Dooley, Georgia
1984 Dave Maurer, Wittenberg
1983 Bo Schembechler, Michigan
1982 Jim Ostendarp, Amherst
1981 Tubby Raymond, Delaware
1980 Jerry Claiborne, Maryland
1979 Charlie McClendon, LSU
1978 Carmen Cozza, Yale
1977 Ben Martin, Air Force
1976 Eddie Robinson, Grambling
1975 Darrell Royal, Texas
1974 Bob Blackman, Illinois
1973 John McKay, USC
1972 Paul Bryant, Alabama
1971 Earle Edwards, N.C. State
1970 Frank Broyles, Arkansas
1969 Paul Dietzel, So. Carolina
1968 Murray Warmath, Minn.
1967 Ben Schwartzwalder, Syracuse
1966 Dan Jessee, Trinity
1965 Abe Martin, TCU
1964 Len Casanova, Oregon
1963 Woody Hayes, Ohio State
1962 Bill Murray, Duke
1961 Jack Curtice, Stanford
1960 Rip Engle, Penn State
1959 Wally Butts, Georgia
1958 Bud Wilkinson, Oklahoma
1957 Lefty James, Cornell
1956 Jess Neely, Rice
1955 Ray Eliot, Illinois
1954 George Munger, Penn
1953 Don Faurot, Missouri
1952 Carl Snavely, North Carolina
1951 Lloyd Jordan, Harvard
1950 Lynn Waldorf, California
1949 Dutch Meyer, TCU
1948 Harvey Harman, Rutgers
1947 Tad Wieman, Maine
1946 Dick Harlow, Harvard
1945 Ray Morrison
1944 Ray Morrison, Temple
1943 Matty Bell
1942 Matty Bell, SMU
1941 Fritz Crisler, Michigan
1940 Bo McMillin, Indiana
1939 Lou Little, Columbia
1938 Harry Stuhldreher, Wisconsin
1937 Harry Kipke, Michigan
1936 Tuss McLaughry, Brown
1935 Bernie Bierman, Minnesota
1934 Dana X. Bible, Nebraska
1933 Dan McGugin, Vanderbilt
1932 Mal Stevens, Yale
1931 Chick Meehan, Manhattan
1930 Bill Alexander, Ga. Tech
1929 Hugo Bezdek, Penn State
1928 Bill Roper, Princeton
1927 Bill Cowell, New Hampshire
1926 Gil Dobie, Cornell
1925 Bob Zuppke, Illinois
1924 John W. Heisman, Rice
1923 John W. Heisman, Penn
1922 Major Charles D. Daly
1921 Major Charles D. Daly, Army
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