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Turtledove, Harry. Gunpowder empire.

TURTLEDOVE, Harry. Gunpowder empire. (Crosstime Traffic, Book 1.) Tor. 286p. c2003. 0-765-34609-5. $6.99. JSA

In the first of Turtledove's books that seems aimed at a YA audience, two 21st-century teenage siblings end up stranded in an alternate timeline where the Roman Empire never fell. We have developed the technology to move between timelines, and from necessity have put in place trade groups (usually family units) to preserve secrecy. Jeremy Solter and his sister Amanda are part of such a group with their family, and they spend their summer vacations on trade missions to this Roman Empire timeline. This time, though, their morn gets appendicitis and while she and dad are back home, the gateway fails, and all communication between timelines ceases. To make matters worse, the city Jeremy and his sister live in is besieged by the Lietuvans. Now it is not just the lack of amenities and nosy neighbors the siblings have to contend with, but cannonballs falling through the roof and soldiers/looters trying to knock down the door.

Turtledove is the master of alternate histories and he doesn't disappoint here. Recommend this to those teens who haven't discovered his adult works yet. This will hook them. Sherry Hoy, Media Spec., Tuscarora J.H.S., Mifflintown, PA

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Author:Hoy, Sherry
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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