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Turtle pace of cases in the SC.

Estelito Mendoza is the last lawyer anyone expects to complain about delays in the disposition of cases in the Supreme Court-for reasons everyone knows.

And for him to get really 'pissed' about the failure of the Supreme Court to resolve his client's pending case (Republic v Lucio Tan) way beyond the 24 months mandated by the Constitution to decide cases ('Hackles on judicial delays,' Opinion, 4/28/19), all we can say is, anyare?

If Mendoza seems so helpless now that he has found the need to air his complaint in public against the sluggishness of the Supreme Court, what about the ordinary mortals whose cases have remained pending in that court for not less than 10 years already?

How come none of the people's representatives in Congress has seen fit to impeach members of that court with unresolved cases beyond two years for 'culpable violation of the Constitution'? How come the Integrated Bar of

the Philippines has never shown any concern about that blatant mockery of the Constitution committed by no less than the highest court in

the land? Are the lawyers in this country nothing but a bunch of cowards?

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:May 3, 2019
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