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Turning the Pro Bono Corner--provide services to those in need.

Public service is an important responsibility of any profession. A small but growing number of CPAs contribute their professional services in many ways. One example is preparing taxes for people with low incomes--even during tax season. More than 135 Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics partially funded by Congress under the Internal Revenue Code are looking for CPA volunteers to help low-income taxpayers.

Many of their tax returns are complex, and the refunds are increasingly large because of the refundable earned income credit and child tax credit. You also can offer advice on how best to maximize the value of those refunds. Little is routine; much is challenging. You can make a difference.

Accountants and auditors who do not regularly work with taxes are welcome. Training programs and on-site support will help with any transition. Fluency in one or more foreign languages can be very helpful. If you do not live or work in one of the areas covered by any of these groups--listed East to West--send an e-mail to saying where you would like to volunteer. If an LITC exists in your area, you will be given contact information. Also, the VITA program run by the IRS always can use experienced CPAs; contact the local coordinator.

Boston: Community Tax Aid of Boston, Inc.; 617/572-7983;

Connecticut: Community Accounting Aid and Services, Inc.; 860/570-9113;;

New York City: Community Tax Aid, Inc.; 718/445-3271;;

Baltimore: Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service; 410/539-6800 x203;

Washington, DC: Community Tax Aid, Inc.; 703/318-2122;;

Detroit: Volunteer Accounting Service Team of Michigan; 313/647-9620;;

Illinois: Center for Economic Progress; 312/252-0280;;

Minnesota: AccountAbility Minnesota; 612/287-0187;;

San Francisco: Tax-Aid, Inc.; 650/726-9566;
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Title Annotation:includes list of income tax training programs
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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