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Turning purple. (Organization).

To become a joint specialty officer (JSO) one must complete Phase I and II of the program for joint education (PJE) at the National War College or the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, or both Phase I PJE at (1) a senior-level professional military education (PME) institution (U.S. Army War College, College of Naval Warfare, Marine Corps War College, or Air War College), (2) an intermediate-level PME institution (U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, College of Naval Command and Staff, Marine Corps Command and Staff College, or Air Command and Staff College), (3) a selected foreign war college or fellowship program, or (4) a nonresident PME program (U.S. Army War College, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Naval War College, or Air Force Command and Staff College) and Phase II PJE at Joint Forces Staff College.

Officers designated as JSOs also must complete a joint duty assignment (JDA). Joint duty credit can only be earned from JDAs posted on the joint duty assignment list. Tour lengths are two years for general/flag officers and three years for 05 and 06 (except for two-year tours for some overseas assignments) and critical occupation specialties (COS) in initial JDA. Moreover, aspirants must be selected by a JSO selection board. Nominees fall into one of four eligibility categories:

* category A--officers who complete PJE before completing a full JDA or COS officers who complete a full joint duty tour (36 months) before finishing PJE requirements

* category B--COS officers who complete joint duty under COS-takeout provisions (24 months) and who have terminated PJE either before or after they fulfilled JDA. COS officers are exempt from the sequence requirement which specifies, for other officers, that PJE must be concluded before JDA completion

* category C--non-COS officers who have completed full JDA before they finish PJE; requires a sequence waiver for JSO designation

* category D--officers who have completed two joint tours in lieu of PJE; requires an education waiver for JSO designation.

The total number of waivers for categories C and D granted for officers serving in the same paygrade during a fiscal year may not exceed 10 percent of total officers in that paygrade selected for the joint specialty in that fiscal year. Services can opt not to make selections from category C or D officers. In addition, JSOs must be approved by the Secretary of Defense.
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