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Turning over a new leaf? Ahlam has tweet love-in with Mohammad Abdo.

UAE singer, Ahlam, has made a name for herself with her catty online comments , posting snipey tweets and insulting stars on her Facebook wall. So it came as something of a surprise when she and Saudi singer, Mohammad Abdo, had a mutual love-in on Twitter.

The story began in more standard Ahlam style, when she started a vicious online campaign against singer, Fahed al Yami, after he insulted Saudi legend, Mohammed Abdo. Ahlam and Mohammad have been good friends for some time with the Saudi paying the Emirati a visit to her home earlier this year, so no one was shocked that the catty singer wanted to defend her pal.

But the support didn't end there: "Mohammad Abdo is defined as a Saudi singer who is the number one singer in the Arabian Gulf region and also known as THE Arab artist and one of the legends of true Arabic music and his long history is proof of his great achievements and contributions," Ahlam wrote.

Mohammad responded with a hand written note saying he thought Ahlam was the number one female artist in the Gulf and the love-in ensued. However, it wasn't long before the UAE singer was back to her snarky ways, revelling in her endorsement from the Saudi songster, she wrote: "I say to all those that do not like the fact that I am the Gulf Region's number one female artist to bang their heads on the closest wall and I have the words of the great singer Mohammad Abdo to vouch for me."

Glad to have you back Ahlam!

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Date:Nov 22, 2012
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