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Turning a building into a success story.

In today's competitive office leasing environment, the property manager plays a vital role in ensuring the building's success.

In the role of property manager, The Edward S. Gordon Company has found it critical to consistently evaluate building operations and machinery, structures, and security systems. Yet the "nuts-and-bolts" end of the work is just one component of our overall performance.

Equally important are brainstorming meetings with the buildings' leasing and marketing teams to develop management programs that work in tandem with marketing to keep the property at the cutting edge of the competitive marketplace.

At the same time, it is important for the property manager to facilitate regular communication with the property's tenants. An effective property manager is familiar with every aspect of building -- inside and out. But in order to provide exceptional service, a property manager should seek out the tenants' input. By learning about the tenants' needs, concerns and problems, we are able to learn even more about the property, to examine it from a distinct and important perspective. We are also able to confirm that our knowledge of the nuts-and-bolts of the property is being used to service their needs.

We request feedback in periodic meetings tenants in areas such as the American Disabilities Act (A.D.A.), recycling procedures, air quality control, security, and maintenance issues. From these meetings, we are able to put the tenant's suggestions to work and create systems that are efficient for them and ourselves.

We at ESG also believe that sharing building information with tenants is critical. Upon the onset of a lease, each tenant is provided with a building handbook to better familiarize themselves with security and emergency procedures, as well as rules and regulations. This is just first step in a long process of educating our tenants about the property, so they can feel comfortable and take advantage of every service available to help them run their businesses efficiently.

The team effort between the building owner, leasing agent and property manager is really the key to every building success story, especially in "turnaround" projects.

One example is 711 South Broadway in White Plains, a class B building that was formerly neglected and consistently problematic. When ESG was assigned as property manager under the building's new ownership in April, 1993, we worked with the owner and leasing team to develop a systems upgrade and renovation program that would turn the property around. A new heating plant and air-conditioning system was installed, and an on-site property office was added as a convenience for tenants. We also took the time to explain exactly what was happening to all the tenants and worked to make sure the changes and upgrades would not interfere with their daily business.

Since the renovation, 711 South Broadway has seen a complete turnaround and has achieved an occupancy level of more than 60 percent in a marketplace striving to retain tenants, as well as attract new ones. We feel effective property management played a major role in this success story and all others.
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Title Annotation:Building Management & Maintenance; advice on office building property management
Author:Lifrieri, Anthony
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
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Date:Oct 6, 1993
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