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Turning Your Life's Stories Into A Literary Memoir.

Turning Your Life's Stories Into A Literary Memoir

Peggy Lang & Robert Goodman

Silver Threads

3830 Valley Centre Drive, PMB 102, San Diego, CA 92130

1893067041 $12.95

Turning Your Life's Stories Into A Literary Memoir: A Memoir People Actually Want To Read is a straightforward "how-to" guide to skillfully preserving one's memories in book form. Emphasizing writing tips, tricks, and techniques that will absorb readers into what you have to say, chapters cover the definition of a memoir, literary techniques in story structure, craft and style to add one's unique imprint to writing, common pitfalls with dialogue, sentence construction, or background research, how to spark one's memories, and more guide the reader to write in a professional manner. A final chapter walks lay people through the simplest basics of how to get published, whether self-publishing, e-book, onlin publishing, private publishing, or traditional publishing. A short and simple guide that effectively covers the basics of memoir writing and publishing.
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Title Annotation:Turning your Life's Stories into a Literary Memoir: A Memoir People Actually Want to Read
Publication:The Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 2005
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