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Turning, boring, milling machines.

Dorries Scharmann GmbH, Monchengladbach, Germany, has broadened its range of horizontal turning/boring/milling machines, featuring built-in high-speed facing heads.

The built-in turning/boring/milling heads feature automatic dynamic counterbalancing, automatic tool change for spindle and turning tools, coolant through the spindle for turning and boring tools, and built-in spindle support bearing for live spindle.

The typical machine configuration of the Solon 4-facing head P 600 features the following specifications: a 53.6-hp live spindle running from 3 to 3000 rpm; CATV50 toolholder, coolant through spindle: X=63", Y=41", Z=40", and W=16". A pallet changer with two pallets accommodates workpieces 39.3" x 39.3".

The integrated facing head has a torque of 5900 ft-lb and runs at 3 to 300 rpm. Other specifications include: U-axis of [+ or -] 2.95", 23.6" diameter faceplate, and two toolholders for turning from 50 mm to 650 mm (2" to 25.5") diameter.

Dorries Scharmann USA Inc, Carol Stream, IL, circle 273.

Honing systems

Honing and super-finishing stones and mandrels for two-stone honing are available for industrial and automotive applications. The system is designed to fit all small horizontal-spindle honing machines and simplifies both tooling selection and setup.

The two-stone hones provide constant abrasive contact at all times. Because two stones are cutting, they give faster stock removal and better finishes than are obtained with conventional hones using one narrow stone paired with a guide shoe. Two-stone hones are an economical, rapid, and simple way to finish bores from 1/16" to 3", including bores containing keyways, crossholes, or other interruptions.

Tennessee Abrasive Inc, Erwin, TN, circle 229.

Vertical machining

Bertsche Engineering is introducing a high-speed, medium-duty, traveling-column vertical machining center that allows machining of long rectangular parts or the shuttle machining of shorter parts. Typical applications include maching long rectangular profile parts such as steel weldments, aluminum extrusions, or composite materials.

Designed and built in the US, the machine offers users an alternative to older, larger slow machine tools that often cannot take advantage of the newer high-performance cutting tools that require high spindle rpms.

The X, Y, Z envelope is 240" x 36" x 36". The X travel can be increased to 720". Rapid traverse speed in X is 1600 ipm; in Y and Z is 800 ipm. Cutting feedrates up to 800 ipm are impossible. Allen Bradley 9/260 CNC or GE Fanuc 15M CNC controls are available.

The basic machine has a #40 taper, two-range, 15/20-hp spindle up to 6000 rpm. Other spindle options are available including a motorized single range milling spindle up to 30 hp to 20,000 rpm. A saddle-mounted 30-tool ATC travels with the machine for very fast tool exchanges. Additional tool storage for up to 500 tools is available from an auxiliary tool chain, mounted behind the machine.

Bertsche Engineering Corp, Buffalo Grove, IL, circle 244.

Drill sharpeners

SP 2000 and SP 2500 Super Precision drill sharpeners are designed to eliminate drill sharpening complications and produce technologically advanced drill points. The sharpeners offer a choice of Borazon or diamond grinding wheels. No wheel dressing is required. The enclosed design of the SP models eliminates flying grit, and the lack of airborne contaminants benefits equipment as well as the workplace environment.

The SP's unique EZAlign System automatically aligns and adjusts the depth of the drill. The operator rotates the patented universal chuck in the sharpening port and in seconds, the drill is rapidly sharpened to a 118-deg to 135-deg S-point or split point.

Darex Corp, Ashland, OR, circle 172.


New product introductions from Lubriquip Inc, Cleveland, OH, include a miniature injector lubrication system. The product is a single-line parallel system with metal reservoirs and extruded aluminum components.

The company's Die-Lube airless spray system is built and using a modular design that can be configured to meet specific application requiremtns.

Lubriquip Inc, Cleveland, OH, circle 245.


Airmatic pneumatic-operated lubricators offer users a simple, convenient method to lubricate diverse industrial machinery. Operated by shop air, the Airmatic piston pump features a variable output discharge from 2 to 10 cubic centimeters (cc's) per stroke. The wide adjustment range permits the lubricator to handle applications ranging from several small lube points up to large areas with a hundred lubrication points.

The basic units is supplied in a 1.5-liter reservoir. In addition, 4- and 12-liter models are available. A top mounted electric solenoid valve is offered as an option to control air pulses to the unit.

Bijur Lubricating Corp, Bennington, VT, circle 187.


A 15-ton, 48" stroke, electro-mechanical pull down, internal-type broaching machine has been developed. The machine features a DC main drive, and AC motor driven broach handling device for smooth, quiet operation. The drive system has variable programmable speed control from 6 to 30 ft/min (broaching speed), and constant torque using solidstate circuitry. Standaard features included an automatic lubrication system, self-contained coolant system, automatic broach tool safety system, and operator's push-button console with machine fault detection system. The machine can be tooled for one to six stations.

Detroit Broach Co, Auburn Hills, MI, circle 189.

Rotary table

The RT-12 rotary table provides rotational positioning to fill a variety of automation tasks. The low-stretch timing belt is a cost-effective alternative to wormgear driven systems where extreme accuracy is not required. The 12" aluminum top plate provides 24 tapped holes for mounting sensors, tools, and other instruments. Typically controlled using a stepper motor system, the RT-12 can position payloads up to 15 lb with a resolution of 0.15 deg. Uses include sensor positioning, light-duty maching, dispensing, and automated testing.

Arrcik Robotics, Hurst, Tx, circle 190.

Overhead presses

Patented "overhead" electromagnetic presses are said to allow punching and stamping velocities up to 750 times greater than those achieved by hydraulic or mechanical presses. The presses can deliver over 100 tons in thin materials.

Without the need for a massive, much larger conventional press, the Lourdes press accelerates tools into and through a wide variety of materials much like a bullet. Advantages of the high-velocity process include burr- and string-free edge quality; use of lighter weight, less expensive tooling; and minimal heat transfer from the work to the tool. This can extend tool life up to 10 times, depending on the material processed. Standard models feature work areas from 4 1/2" x 6" to 16" x 22 1/2".

Lourdes Systems Inc, Hauppauge, NY, circle 193.

Heavy-duty roughers

Series 27J2V cutters are designed for heavy-duty roughing cuts in steels, stainless steels, and cast iron. Reduced cutting forces and horsepower consumption result from positive axial geometry and chip splitter inserts. To counteract the heavy force of cut, a left-handed helix forces the cutter into the spindle. The On-Edge insert configuration directs cutting forces through the thickest portion of the carbide. Series 27J2V cutters are available as end mills in diamters from 2.000" to 3.000" and as shell mills in 3.000" to 4.000" diameters.

Ingersoll Cutting Tools, Rockford, IL, circle 192.

Fluid management

Industrial fluid management equipment for the metalworking industry from Hyde Products Inc, Cleveland, OH, includes tramp oil separators, coolant recycling systems, sump cleaners, oil filtration equipment, ultrafiltration systems, coolant filtration systems, and chip processing equipment.

The small-capacity model TW3.0 tramp oil separator can extend the life of all types of coolants and alkaline parts cleaning fluids by removing free-floating, dispersed, and loosley emulsified tramp oil. The system can be applied to individual sumps and tanks or to central systems.

Able to process up to 180 gallons per hour, the unit is said to reduce new coolant costs by 45% to 75%, with similar savings in detergent and heating costs for parts cleaning applications. Hazardous waste volume and fluid disposal costs are reduced by 50% to 90%.

The HG100 small shop coolant recycling system can extend life of washwater and rinse water by removing suspended solids as well as free and emulsified oils. Besides parts washers, potential applications include phosphatizing baths and other solutions containing emulsified oils.

Hyde Products Inc, Cleveland, OH, circle 246.

Turntable washer

The Typhoon stainless steel turntable parts washer is constructed of type 304 stainless steel. The two-stage unit has a 60" turntable and work height, and 2000 lb of turntable capacity. First and second stage tanks have capacities of 550 and 295 gallons, respectively. Pump capacities of up to 400 gpm at 400 psi are available.

The unit can be equipped with a programmable logic controller that allows selection of a cleaning proces simply by entering a part number.

Proceco Industrial Machinery Ltd, Montreal, Quebec, circle 240.

Double-sided machine

Double-sided Machining (DSM) is a precisde finishing system capable of lapping, grinding, diamond, or soft polishing both sides of a workpiece at once for flat, parallel parts with burr-free, sharp, straight edges. The DSM method provides faster machining at lower pressures by using an abrasive slurry to continually present new, sharp abrasive edges to the workpiece. Two air cylinders move upper and lower lapping and polishing plates, ensuring a response to changes in air pressure. Fragile workpieces of different thicknesses are easily handled. Automatic thickness control is available for precise part thickness and repeatability. Size control accuracies of 0.000 076" and parallelism control to 0.000 025" are attainable.

Speedfam Corp, Des Plaines, IL, circle 194.

Boring tool

The Zinner 560 rotary boring system reduces cutting time and gives a 40% reduction in required horsepower over the power needed with conventional drills. The dulled cutting insert can be quickly changed, rather than resharpening the entire cutter, saving both time and money. Several insert grades are available for both metals and plastics. The tool ranges in standard sizes from 1.18 to 3.15 OD. Custom sizes are available.

Zinner International Inc, Lee's Summit, MO, circle 173.

Variable machining

Leadwell Manufacturing's MCV-760AR Vertical Machining Center meets requirements of function and productivity for variable maching jobs. The machine provides a work area of 1000 mm x 500 mm (39.4" x 19.7") and can handle workpieces of 500 kg (1100 lb). X, Y Z axis travel is 760 mm x 510 mm x 510 mm (30" x 20.1" x 20.1").

Spindle motor is 9/11 kW (12/15 hp), spindle speed range is 80 to 6000 rpm for the No 40 taper spindle. Rapid traverse in the X, Y, and Z axes is 15 m/minute (49 ft/minute). The ATC accommodates 40 tools with 60 optional.

Other features include a sidemounted, CAM-type ATC that does not affect the working area, tool pre-select function, heavy-duty linear ways, and oversized ballscrew direct coupled to the motor, that is free of backlash and transmission error.

Leadwell CNC Machines Mfg Corp, Franklin Park, IL, circle 239.

Broach set

Standard set of high-speed steel broaches, bushings, and necessary shims is designed for cutting 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", or 3/8" keyways. It's available in nine bore sizes from 1/2" to 1 1/2". The broaches, available from stock, are pushtype and can be used with any hand-operated arbor press, or any hydraulic press with adequate throat depth.

Other keyway broach sets, also available from stock, contain smaller or larger broaches and bushings and extend the range of keyway sizes that can be cut from 1/16" top 3/4" keyways in bores from 1/4" to 3" bore diameter. Individual keyway broaches and bushings are also available, as are broaches for cutting square holes.

The duMont Corp, Greenfield, MA, circle 228.

Flexible cell

Mandelli Inc's flexible manufacturing cell comprises a TCL 90 Vertical Turning Lathe and an M8U Horizontal/Vertical Spindle Machining Center. The pallets from each machine will be transferred automatically by an SGV (sight-guided vehicle) and the cell will be controlled by Mandelli's proprietary software.

The Mandelli 8U Machining Center features a horizontal/vertical indexing spindle tha tproves five-sided machining capability with 33-hp AC power to the spindle. X,Y, Z axis travels are 63" (1600 mm), 43.4" (1100 mm), and 45.3" (1150 mm), respectively. The pallet table is 31.5" x 39.4" (800 mm x 1000 mm). The standalone 100-tool magazine is expandable to 200 tools and stores #50 taper tools for automatic exchange.

The Mandelli TCL 90 VTL has a turning capacity of 49.21" (1250 mm) and is furnished with a 70-hp (continuous) AC main drive motor with planetary transmission for heavy-duty turning at speeds up to 800 rpm. The pallet diameter is 31.5" (800 mm). The live spindle tooling ram is powered by a 20-hp AC motor and features a patented clamping devide that provides added rigidity to the turning tools.

Mandelli Inc, Farmington Hill,s MI, circle 247.

Cleaning systems

Aqueous-based parts cleaning systems with continuous recycling of washwater are being marketed by Kleer-Flo Co, Eden Prairie, MN. The systems are designed to replace vapro degreasing using chlorinated solvents.

Powermaster cleaning systems combine water-based cleaning solutions with electromechanical agitation of parts to clean both external surfaces and internal cavities and surfaces. Loads are agitated at the rate of 139 four-inch strokes per minute.

Built-in oil skimming, designed to remove petroleum-based oils from the aqueous wash solutions, is available.

Kleer-Flo Co, Eden Prairie, MN, circle 241.

Czech vertical

The Model MCFV-100 vertical machining center features a table size of 50: x 24" and X, Y, Z axes travel of 40", 24", and 25" respectively. Spindle speed is up to 10,000 rpm with special cooling system through spindle and toolholders. Spindle motor is 15 kW.

The machine can be equipped with two-spindle headstock with No 40 taper and each spindle can have 16, 20, or 24 tools. Center distance between spindles is 19". With one spindle, the machine can have two toolchanges with a total of 48 tools.

ZPS Inc, Zlin, Czechoslovaki, circle 251.


ADF System Ltd's new Model-860 is described as a high-performance washer with a cleaning power of 750 psi. The industrial-type washer has a tank and spray chamber constructed of 304 stainless steel and is available with a variety of accessories, including rinse and drying systems. Filtration packages are available, which provide cleaning performance to very tight cleanliness specifications.

ADF Systems Ltd, Humboldt, IA, circle 271.
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