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Turn your molds into 'quick-change' molds.

A new adapter system being introduced this month at NPE '91 in Chicago converts any standard injection mold base so as to permit complete mold changeovers in less than 10 min. The system is based on the same slide-and-clamp approach as the MUD Quick-Change mold frame from Master Unit Die Products, Inc., Greenville, Mich. But now a "kit" of components is available to allow any standard mold base to take advantage of this simple slide-in/slide-out approach to changing mold bases within a master frame.

The new MUD Quick-Change Adapter Frame System (patent pending) is available in a range of sizes for injection machines up to 500 tons. The adapter frames reportedly can be installed in virtually any standard molding press without any machine modification. Mold bases equipped with companion "ear plates" are interchanged within this adapter frame. Just one adapter frame is required per machine to permit mounting any number of different mold bases. The frame remains within the machine indefinitely; however, it can also be transferred readily from machine to machine because it requires no special mounting.


Besides the adapter fram, the other key to the system is a pair of "ear plates," one of which is bolted and doweled to each half of the standard mold base. These ear plates are predrilled with standard screw and dowel locations. The cavity-side ear plate is machined for a standard 4-in. locating ring; the ejector-hlaf ear plate has a standard knockout hole pattern (special patterns are available on request).

Ear plates of a given size can be interchanged in any press equipped with a matching-size adapter frame, which has plates and retainer rails to accommodate the ear plates. A range of mold sizes can be mounted to the ear plates. MUD recommends that molders select the largest adapter frame that will fit the machine platens, allowing quick interchange of the widest possible range of mold sizes up to the machine's full capacity.



One recommended accessory is MUD's balanced lifting bar, designed for fast slide-and-lock positioning at the mold's balance point. This allows the standard mold base with ear plates to slide easily in and out of the adapter frame. MUD lifting bars, available in capacities to 12,000 lb, fit over inexpensive buttons mounted on the standard mold base in place of eyebolts.

Another recommended option is a knockout assembly, which is said to be easily installed and permits the machine's hydraulic knockout system to operated at its maximum stroke. The assembly incorporates three push points and one pullback. The center knockout rod locks into a specially designed rod linking the mold's ejector plate to the machine's hydraulic knockout system. Two other rod, supplied extra-long for finishing to precise length, are threaded into the mold's ejector plate flush with the back of the ear plate. Two additional short rods, threaded for adjusting to proper length, are also installed on the machine's knockout plate, flush with the inside surface of the adapter frame's rear clamp plate.

Althoug final pricing is not yet set, adapter frames are expected to cost in the general range of $2500-4200, and pairs of ear plates approx. $450-800. Lifting bars cost about $500-600, and knockout assemblies $600-650. (CIRCLE 1)
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Title Annotation:injection molding adaptor system
Author:Naitove, Matthew H.
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jun 1, 1991
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