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Wishing for a weekend pass to Bonnaroo? Get the boho-chic festival look without leaving your living room. Whip up these DIY baubles from jewelry geniuses Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden, authors of How to Make Jewelry with Tatty Devine. Hip gems that are easy to make? Music to our ears!


This arm candy hits just the right note.

MATERIALS: 18 centimeter trace chain bracelet * Several plastic music note cake decorations * 2 pairs of flat-nose pliers * Regular jump rings (one for each "charm")


1 Try on the bracelet. Too tight? Add a leader. Too loose? Use wire cutters to take off a few links.

2 Pick where you want to put your charms. Count the links to easily figure out how to evenly space your charms. If your bracelet has 25 links and you have 5 charms, attach the charms to links 3,7, n, 15,19, leaving 4 links between each.

3 Grab your pliers and your jump rings. Use the two pairs of pliers to pull a jump ring open. Slip the jump ring through a hole in your charm, then through one of the links. Close it up securely. Attach the charms along the length of the chain, and rock your brand new bracelet


Want your notes to be silver (or any color)? Head outside, lay down some newspaper and use spray paint to coat one side, then the other. If your charms are plastic, a quick spritz of underroat will help the paint stick.

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